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    fiesta bootlock HELP

    you could buy a complete lock assy for not much cash, to build it up you'd have to follow my previous instructions and its only a 5 minute job to remove the old one, i think all you have to do it remove the boot trim, pull the cable off and undo 2 bolts
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    HYUNDAI Getz CRTD CDX+ How do I change the Fuel filter?

    hi i've never changed one of these but it will either be one of these solutions 1. that black canister has a screw in the top of it which you undo, lift the lid off and take the filter out or 2 that black canister IS the fuel filter and you change the whole lot! Buy the filter and see what...
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    there is no way to stop the water going into the door, the only way to sort it is to drill another drain hole between the standard two holes, using a 4.5mm drill. Ford started to put three drain holes on doors starting in March 07 Hope this helps
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    Strange problem with Internet Explorer

    thanks for the quick responses i have just tested it and it does indeed scroll in and out! well i never knew that, the trouble is that when it does do it, my fingers are no where near the ctrl keys. I'm on a laptop with a mouse pad and the scroll part built in on the left, is it likely that...
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    Strange problem with Internet Explorer

    Hi, Has anyone ever seen this before or more importantly does anyone know how to solve it? The size changes so it goes really small or really large, it does it every couple of minutes now and is getting very annoying. The only way i can get back to normal is to open a new tab and...
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    Grass Growing Project with Pics

    JohnD - It's mainly going to be used to look at, sit/sunbathe on, dog will no doubt like to do his business on it, haven't got my own cat but next door do and he tends to come over occasionally to wind the dog up, don't mind about mowing it, will do it when it needs it, soil is umm browny, i...
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    Grass Growing Project with Pics

    Hi, As the sun is now shining i've decided to grow some grass on this little patch in my garden I know i'm going to need to de-weed the whole lot, and even it out so it will be level with the path, but i was hoping someone would have some suggestions on what seed to use, and basically how...
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    Crabtree ELCB 30 amp

    SBW - Have just sent you a message regarding my ELCB, Had leccy company come round today to replace mine for a proper isolater so it is now available if you still need it for your shower Just for everyones info, i phoned up edf to fit an isolator, and they said the tails would need to be...
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    Consumer unit, is the following acceptable practice ?

    did you not look in their bedroom at the alarm clock?
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    Crabtree ELCB 30 amp

    ok i've done that, it's not due to be replaced for 2 weeks though so not sure if you can wait that long
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    Crabtree ELCB 30 amp

    will the terminals in this be the same? this one is going to be replaced shortly for a proper isolater
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    Strange Earth Bonding

    would it not be better to bond it at the point it enters the house? i would assume the gas pipe goes into a cupboard rather than straight into the living room i just thought it was strange because they are a terrace of about 5 houses and 4 have the earth outside and the last one there is no...
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    Strange Earth Bonding

    Hello, as i was out walking the dog yesterday, i walked past about 5 new build terraces, and in the front gardens there was a brown box that i assume contains the gas meter, coming out of it there is the main supply pipe going through the wall above ground, the thing that caught my eye was the...
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    appliance isolaters

    in my kitchen, i connected a dp neon switch into the ring circuit above the worktop where my washing machine is, and from the load side i connected a single non switched socket to behind the washing machine and when i had it checked with labc they were very happy with my setup, the only thing...
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    joining ring and lighting earth

    oh please god no!!
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    Television ariel

    or buying a wireless sender
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    Brilliant Idea Needed! (with Pics)

    i think i might go down that route, seen some floating shelves that a memeber done in an alcove and like them very much, will post some pics when i'm done i'll also be posting some pics of my kitchen, when i moved in it was in a right state, and with a very tight cash flow at the moment, i...
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    my DIY alcove shelves (How BORING!!)

    very nice job, i could do with some of them myself
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    Spare tyre.

    can you post a photo of the damaged wheel?
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    Spare tyre.

    yeah but i wouldn't if i were you!!! it really needs sorting as soon as possible, even though its not a space saver, its still smaller than the other 3 which will fail its mot and effect handling, you should be able to pick up a 2nd hand wheel from a breakers or off ebay