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    Bosch DMF 10 Zoom Multi Detector

    I bought one of these and they are useless. Then I searched the net and found this video, which confirms the fact- I sold mine on a car boot for £40 :wink:
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    A day in the life of a Homeserve electrician......

    I employed a homeserve decorator once, he made a right mess!
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    What can DIYnot offer the Tradesman?

    Sorry for being thick, but what is a PM?
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    Bathroom install by DIY novice.

    Nice transformation. I love the new sink :wink:
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    wood gutter leaking

    My wooden gutter is leaking badly, Do I need to replace it or can I repair it possibly?
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    One Cold Radiator

    Fixed the heating in my room, now I can afford to eat this monnth. Been a hard month, what with the credit crunch. Just started a undergrad at the LSE. Not a good month for starting a law degree. Only did it cause my mom told me too. She says "do a law degree, you will never have any...
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    Amptec 12kw boiler melted incoming cables

    My 12kW (max) electric boiler pulls 45A when configured as "10kW", so in 12kW mode I would expect 54A. Unlike the Amptec my boiler scales the power, so I've never seen it pull 45A for more than 30 mins and in this time the 16mm2 cable never gets warm.
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    Double light switch

    Sound like your double switch was 1 one-way and 1 two-way. If you undo the other light switch and see what the setup in the back of that is,it might shed some light on the way it is all wired. Have you got a test meter, or a way of checking continuity. It could be that one red is the...
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    2 electric showers

    I have something similar. A 45A electric flow boiler and a 37A electric shower. I solved the problem using a contactor that cuts out the boiler like a thermostat would. In your clients case you could do something similar, but you'll have to find a contactor that can take the current for 9kW...
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    Doorbell wiring to the door keeps breaking

    Or use the two hinges. Put one wire to top hinge, other to bottom. Bridge the door using the hinges to carry the current.
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    Cheap data logger

    Yes you did used to be able to do clever things with the joystick ports. But I'm after something a bit simpler than a few hours homebrew. Either a clamp designed to record current history in hourly chunks for 12 hours or somesuch. EDIT: I suppose it wasn't clear. I'm recording mains usage of...
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    Cheap data logger

    Anyone recommend a cheap data logger. I need to record usage vs time for hours I'm not in or awake. Rather than dragging down some homebrew data logger and patching it into a clamp meter, I'm after some simple solution. My plan B is a webcam watching the meter and recording every hour.
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    just passed my 17th edtion

    So does that mean about 1 in every 6 things you do will be wrong? And you lot are allowed to charge members of the public!!
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    6mm or 10mm??

    How much was it (the 10mm cable). I just bought 14m of 10mm and 12 of 16mm for £60. Copper seems to be coming down a bit.
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    6mm or 10mm??

    I had 6mm on a 10m run to a 9.5kw shower. It also had a join (at a 30A junction box) and ran in insulated stud wall for 2m. It never caught fire, but you could feel the cable get warm. It obviously never worried the previous owner, but after first RCD protecting it I eventually had the whole...
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    Electric Central Heating Boilers

    There are tariffs designed for "wet" electric systems. Unlike the radio switched tariffs for storage heaters, Souther Electric have Economy 10 and Economy 18 tariffs. The first gives you cheap rate for 10 hours in three sections (night, afternoon and evening). The times are fixed and the whole...
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    Electric Central Heating Boilers

    I've just had a Dimplex Ascari boiler fitted. It's a 12kw electric system. It seems quite good so far. Uses full power (10kw in my case) to get water hot and then modulates down to anything from 8 to 4 kw to maintain water temp. It was an upgrade from wood burning stove (which we kept on 1...
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    programming a Honeywell CM927

    I have the 907 (which is the same programmer but without the wireless thermostat). What you get is 6 temps per day. So to do what you want you need to set 7:30am on - temperature eg 19C 9:30am off - so set it to ~15C or lower do the same for settings 3 and 4 to get it on and off in...
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    wiring light bulbs in parallel - unusual fixture

    When I was a cub scout (aged ~10) we were taught how to wire a plug - something I could already do. Now 20 years later we have scout leaders who can't even do that! The best solution is to forget the wiring and buy a string of white flickering fairy lights. Wrap these around your wood frame...
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    Electric Boiler Settings

    Hello, I've had an electric boiler (Dimplex Ascari) fitted. I've had the plumbing and electrics finished off but neither the plumber of the electrician have enough experience of electric boilers to give advice on some of the settings - and Dimplex technical support are crap. So perhaps...