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    Combi drill Upgrade or replace batteries

    Hi Looking for some advice. Batteries on my Ryobi One+ original version ni-cad not Li-Ion not holding charge so much any longer. Not sure if I should replace the batteries or get a new drill. Going to be doing more DIY in new home looking at getting a impact driver as well so would I be...
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    Can i move combi boiler isolation switch

    Hi I am after some advice. I have a combi boiler in my spare room which I am about to decorate. The isolation switch for the boiler is the other side of this room under the stairs leading up to the loft. I am planning to block in under the stairs which will make it impossible to...
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    Replace floorboard with ply sheet

    Yes the joist has a cut out in it an the pipe run across it right when I need to put the screw to stop the squeak. A little further across I can get to the full joist.
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    Replace floorboard with ply sheet

    // Does this image help?
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    Replace floorboard with ply sheet

    I will try and get one later tonight when I get in but I will try and describe it a bit better. I have a t&G floorboard that has a join that goes over a couple of pipes, there is not room to screw it down near the edges so it squeaks I was hoping to cut a few floorboards next it it out and...
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    Replace floorboard with ply sheet

    Hi I need some advice on replacing upstairs floorboards in a 1920/30's terraced house. Outside one of my bedrooms is a really squeaky floorboard, I tried to replace it but due it a pipe under it I am unable to screw it don when the join is, I tried to put a screw as close as I could but it...
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    remove damp plaster, then replaster

    Hi Micilin A couple of questions if I may. 1. when you say clean off the wall once it is back to brick is this any excess dust, debris etc.. 2. Brush on a SBR:Cement:Fine Sharp Sand mix 1:1:1 , covering completely but leaving a keyed surface. what is a SBR and the 1:1:1 mixture I take...
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    remove damp plaster, then replaster

    Hi I am after some advice regarding a issue I have in one of my bedrooms. over the winter and the storms, I have had some issues with the flashing at the back of my house above the conservatory. we are getting a friend to sort out the flashing for us. The problem I have is that the wall...
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    advice on moving central heating drain valve please?

    Hi My central heating drain point is under a loose floorboard in my hall. I plan to lay oak flooring in the hall so it will become impossible to access this. Is it possible to move the drain valve to one of the pipes feeding the radiator ib the hall above the floorboards.
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    Advice on buying a ladder?

    Hi rabu can you recommend a supplier or make?
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    Advice on buying a ladder?

    Hi please can someone give me some advice on buying a ladder. I need to paint the stair well in my house and it is out of reach so I require a ladder. I am unsure what to get? Should I get a 3 way combi ladder or a multi purpose ladder? Please can someone advise me on what will be my...
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    Adding a Drain off valve to central heating - need advice

    they may not be TRV room stat is wireless and is in the lounge.
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    Adding a Drain off valve to central heating - need advice

    Hi I have recently add a new boiler fitted and the plumber fitted new controls on the radiators I think they are TRV ones? I wish to add a drain valve to the radiator that is in the hall nearest the front door, this is because currently the way to drain my system is to lift up a floor...
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    Replacing floorboards Question?

    Hi I am replacing the floorboards on the landing in my house due to many of them being in bad shape and the rather wide gaps between some of them. Do I need to remove the skirting boards around the landing or could I get away with removing the old one and pushing the new one under the...
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    replace 16mm thick floorbaords

    Hi I recently have taken up a carpet from my stairs and landing to find that the floorboards are in a terrible condition. I was looking at replacing the existing ones with new ones. but can not find the same size? my current ones are 16mm thick, wicks do some that are 18mm thick but...
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    Laying Hardwood flooring Nailing advice

    Hi I am looking at laying oak hardwood flooring in our hallway, the floor boards are mainly flat so I don't think that I will need to put a ply base down. however I may so I can run the new planks in the same direction of the current boards. my question is when secret nailing the...
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    undercoat to cover red wall

    Hi Bosswhite do you recommend any make?