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    What size SWA cable for garden workshop?

    The design voltage is 230v and has been for a while.
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    Loft light and sockets - spur?

    where does it say you can use a 13A socket?
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    Happy New Year and Belated Christmas Greetings!

    Happy New Year to all and hope everybody has a healthy 2023.
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    Cable for 32a / 6.3KW double oven

    That is wrong. The MCB is sized in relation to the load and does not change.
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    Replacing ceiling rose - where to move connectors to?

    If you have Loop In / Loop Out / Switch Cable you could fit a Quickwire Switch and load JB.
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    Part P Electrical Installation Certification

    This thread is just another rehash of the whining seen here since 2005. The BCO has applied the rues which apply to any notifiable job carried out by a person who is not on the Competent Person's Register. There are 2 fees. Notification - applies to all jobs. Inspection and Testing - the...
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    EICR Cost

    Depends on the number of circuits but would normally be around £250 for a 3 bed semi up here.
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    EICR Cost

    I’m a one man band and will do it for £469.
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    Part P Electrical Installation Certification

    I can't believe this is still being discussed as Part P near 18 years old. There is a clear process here. There is no major set of hurdles for a diyer to jump over. The homeowner notifies the LABC BEFORE starting the job. The LABC charges for notification and arranges for one of their...
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    Part P Electrical Installation Certification

    How is this unreasonable? We have Part P since 2005 and there has never been a process where a homeowner does the installation and sends in an EICR. If this was the case, there would be no need for the CPS. If the job had been notified properly, the BCO would have explained that they arrange...
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    Full electrical rewire

    I had a look at the fees charged by Liverpool LABC (for an example). For an unregistered installer, the charge for notification is £456. If the installer is suitably qualified, the LABC reduces this fee by £150 (plus £30 vat). if the installer is not suitably qualified the fee is increased by...
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    Spur in 1.5

    Why didn't you go up to 4mil cable?
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    Continuity and Polarity Test

    Jupiter only has one switch.
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    Continuity and Polarity Test

    The OSG tells you how to run the test. It doesn't tell you why the test is required or what readings to expect. What is the purpose of this test? Why do we link CPC to L? What readings do you expect at each lighting point? Also the IR test is different to the continuity test. Your friendly...
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    Continuity and Polarity Test

    As this is a new circuit, have you notified your LABC? As for the post, the OSG tells you the steps to follow. You still don't seem interested in understanding any of the underpinning theory.
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    Outdoor sockets

    Radials and there are few installations where a 20 or 16 amp radical is not sufficient.
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    Outdoor sockets

    Installing a ring final circuit in 2022 achieves absolutely nothing.
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    Outdoor sockets

    Terry said you don’t need an RCD socket if the circuit has RCD or RCBO protection at source. He didn’t say you shouldn’t fit one. It’s hard enough getting people up to speed with BS7671 without Frodo introducing Australian rules and concepts. There is a section ‘electrics outside the UK’ for...
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    Outdoor sockets

    Have you been swimming in Fosters?