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    recommendations for ufh pipe - 300m rolls?

    A 300/400m coil of pipe is a right pain in the arse to work with, you'd be much better off with 100m coils.
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    Water pressure reducer

    Water meter has a none return valve in it so the water can't expand back up the main.
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    Different cylinder fitted

    Some cylinders are difficult to get hold of at the moment but that should of been discussed with you.
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    New combi install, help needed

    So you went with the cheapest quote?
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    New combi install, help needed

    Why didn't you use a local tradesman?
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    Roast my external waste pipe

    Oh my god!! Did you do it yourself?
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    Suspended timber floor, UFH, and soundproofing

    Have a look at omnie torfloor.
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    Shower hose wall outlet with female 1/2" BSP?

    Don't think I've seen a female thread one before, the trouble you'll have is being able to dig the old one out enough to cut the threads then wind that socket on, I'd just get the triton replacement.
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    32mm waste through joist

    You can drill a hole a hole 25% of the size of the joist between 0.25 and 0.4 along the span of the joist.
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    1st & 2nd fix payment percent?

    Nightmare customer right here.
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    Swapping lock

    Is it easy to swap this for a key lock on the outside with a thumb turn on the inside?
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    Flooring damage new radiators.

    How did you expect him to connect the pipes to the radiators without cutting the floor?
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    Samsung EHS control board rs-232 serial interface

    Chriss higgs is who I deal with.
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    Samsung EHS control board rs-232 serial interface

    You need to speak to freedom heat pumps, they would know the answer.
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    Rip-off or great value?

    Hahaha, comparing someone who works in an office with someone running there own business, thats a good one.
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    Rip-off or great value?

    Get another quote, price seems fine to me.