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    Wet patch under new soffit

    Apologies for the late update on this. The roofing contractors came out last week to look at the problem and as suggested in some of the previous posts they said that they found a small area in the dormer valley that was the probable site of the water entry. They say that it has been remedied...
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    Wet patch under new soffit

    Thanks for all the replies, I can see now what some of you mean about the damp reaching right up to the new Soffit. I will be getting in touch with the contractor this week to see what remedial work they suggest. Always useful to have some info beforehand so that I can at least try to look like...
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    Wet patch under new soffit

    Hi, We had our soffits, fascias and guttering replaced during the summer. Happy with the finished result but noticed during the recent cold spell what appeared to be a frozen icy area on the house wall, now that the temperature has risen it is clear that there is a large wet area on the...
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    Render/Mock tudor

    Thanks for the reply, I think that you can just about see that there is an area of rot on the photo - if you look at the base of the first vertical board on the left (not counting the corner upright) you can see where the vertical board joins the bottom horizontal that there is a patch of...
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    Render/Mock tudor

    Thanks for the reply. I suppose the jury is out a bit on the whole Tudor thing, I am less keen on it than my Wife. Either way there are areas around where the vertical beams join the horizontal that are starting to rot so those would need repairing if it was to stay. Would you say that a...
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    Render/Mock tudor

    Our house has a rendered area and fake Tudor cladding (real timber) as per the picture. A couple of questions please, I want to remove the nasty timber and just leave/replace the render. I am guessing that once the timber is removed the render could be repaired/painted, or would it be better to...
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    Sons bedroom is freezing (above garage)

    Sorry to hitch a ride on this thread but we have exactly the same problem. Our house is about 20 years old so I would assume that it is reasonably well insulated but the bedroom over the garage is noticeably colder than the rest of the house. I have read through the suggestions above and the...
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    Need to make good around 110mm soil pipe

    Hi, I need to make good around the 110mm soil pipe exiting our bathroom wall. It was just filled with mortar previously but as you can see, there is quite a deep/wide void to fill so would it be acceptable (or a complete bodge) to pack out the void with some expanding foam etc. before finishing...
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    Replacement plastic Soil Stack?

    Yes, it is the connection to the WC through the wall that is leaking
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    Replacement plastic Soil Stack?

    Thanks for the reply, the plastic collar on the boss adaptor has in fact broken off but that is not where the leak is coming from. If you look at where the soil pipe exits the wall you can see an area where the surrounding mortar has lifted and is breaking away (bottom of pipe) - that is where...
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    Replacement plastic Soil Stack?

    I got up close and personal to our soil stack yesterday as I am looking to get it painted black to match the new black downpipes we have had fitted. It was then that I noticed the damp area you can see on the attached photos, it would appear that the leak is where the waste outlet exits the...
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    mock tudor board

    Apologies for hijacking your thread but we have tudor boards on the exterior of our house which require attention/replacement, given the section of the forum you have posted this in I am guessing that you engaged a carpenter/joiner to carry out this work for you? Can I ask if that is the case...
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    Faux tudor beams removal

    Our house (20 years old) has the front upper aspect rendered and faux tudor style beams (timber) attached to the render, this is the original house design not a later addition. The timber is showing signs of rotting and to be honest we don't like the whole Mock Tudor thing so are looking to...
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    Sealant around up and over door frame

    I am about to undertake painting my metal garage door, as you can see from the attached photo the sealant between the frame and the brickwork is cracked and has shrunken back - it needs to be replaced. My question is, what is the best type of sealant for this application? should I strip off the...
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    Insulate solid brick porch wall

    Hi, Our estate was built about 20 years ago and our particular design of house had an 'open plan' type of porch area consisting of a dwarf wall with some open wooden framework above for decorative effect. The majority of this type of house have subsequently had the porch enclosed, as has ours...
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    En-suite flooring options

    In the process of refurbing our en-suite and am looking at my options for flooring. I have included a picture of the floor in it's present state as I feel that this will influence the possibilities. The floor is currently ceramic tiles onto chipboard floor as can be seen in the photo, the area...
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    Quality of Multi-tool v quality of blade

    I have a cheapo corded multitool which I use for occasional DIY jobs. I was considering buying a better quality tool as a replacement but I got to wondering if I would get a better return for my investment by keeping the existing tool and buying the best blades I can get for it? If good blades...
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    Porch door (upvc) wrong hinge fitted

    We noticed a while back that the porch door was letting in a draught and have just got round to finding out why. It seems that the bottom of the three hinges has been replaced at some point with one of a different design. This has resulted in the door being skued in the frame and hence the...
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    Composite door hinge adjustment

    Hi, I wonder if anyone can identify these composite door hinges? more specifically I am looking for guidance on how to adjust them. Thanks
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    Repair/replace 'Mock Tudor' detail

    Our house is about 18 years old, we moved in just under 2 years ago. It had been a bit neglected prior to us buying it so whilst we were concentrating on the interior we got a Decorator to repaint the exterior. The decorator mentioned that some of the Mock Tudor was beginning to deteriorate but...