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    WB Greenstar Heatslave II - CH flowing when no demand.

    Hello, I have a question about my WB Greenstar Heatslave external oil boiler which seems to be heating the Central Heating system when not being called for. I have almost no understanding of how these things work so it could be completely innocuous. I've noticed this only occasionally and for...
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    Join between exposed stone and ceiling plaster

    Thanks @freddiemercurystwin , yeah It's a lovely bit of wall exposed by the previous owners, ideally I'd love to keep it, at least partially - but It'd mean some hefty cladding insulation outside, complicated by the oil boiler being attached to exterior directly on other side of hearth. Ho hum...
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    Join between exposed stone and ceiling plaster

    Hi All, First, apologies if this is in wrong thread - wasn't sure if it was decorating/ plastering etc. In short, I'm trying to come up with a solution to neatly seal or cover the join between where the exposed stone wall meets the plastered ceiling. Photo for reference. We get occasional...
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    Worcester Bosch Heatslave ii Oil not bleeding

    Hi, I'm having trouble with my oil boiler -seems to be an oil feed issue. Gravity fed, though not much of a head. Oil line maybe 2m at best. Oil level low (maybe 150L or so), but not enough to have caused an airlock that I know of. Tried bleeding as per thread...
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    Solidor Barn-type door adjustment.

    Thanks for the reply on this and sorry for taking so long to reply. I managed to loosen the hinge covers and take a look. I thought perhaps there'd be some room to slide along or up or down within the hinge bits but alas not. I don't want to reposition the screws and dowel the old holes etc. I...
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    Solidor Barn-type door adjustment.

    Hi all, I hope you can help. First time posting on here. I've recently moved into a property with a Solidor barn-type door. I'm having a bit of trouble where the bottom section of the door catches the jamb (see pics). The door hang itself is perfectly plumb both for the top and bottom...
  7. IMG_20201005_120119868[1]


    top corner of bottom door hits jamb. Miles of space at bottom.
  8. IMG_20201005_120344252[1]


    Jamb tapers away from door towards bottom
  9. IMG_20201005_120141505[1]


    top of bottom door catching. view of sloping jamb angle.
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    door itself hung plumb. Bottom section juts out towards stays by about 4mm more than top.
  11. Solidor hang

    Solidor hang

    photos for thread