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    No wifi coonection on laptop

    My laptop for some reason has suddenly stopped connecting to the internet, I have a wireless router feeding this and another desktop, the desktop is connecting O.K., If I attempt a Windows network diagnosis check on the laptop It tells me that a Ethernet cable is unplugged yet there is no cables...
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    Quorum security alarm

    Anyone got any idea on how to get hold of the wiring circuit diagram for the Quorum A-160 and A-160R alarm system?
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    What would you pay I recently asked my local garage to carry out the usual annual MOT and also a full service on my 1997 Vauxhall Astra Merit 1.7TD van with 117596 on the clock. On completion, when I drove the van I noticed that after a few miles that the power steering seemed to...
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    Wild yarrow

    Any ideas of getting rid of wild yarrow from my lawn please