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    Hi John, How the hell do you add "friends"?? Took the scrap into Nebbet's on 23 June and they...

    Hi John, How the hell do you add "friends"?? Took the scrap into Nebbet's on 23 June and they were giving £9000/tonne for braziery; 2850/tonne for brass & 9600/tonne for copper. For mixed metal (rads, boilers, etc) they were giving £150/tonne. HTH Pete
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    Got Sound but cannot record with sound?

    I an not familiar with the programs you are using but is there not an option to select the sound scource from the pooter's sound card rather than the headphone socket?
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    Uninstalling Mcafee

    You need the Macafee Uninstall tool MCPR.exe. Google for a download site.
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    AVAST not free?

    A brave man indeed using Norton. :shock:
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    Security recording software

    HandyAVI may be of interest. Details here:
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    incomming mains pressure

    What's the flow rate of the new main?
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    British Gas and personal Gas safe registration

    I shouldn't worry too much about your family having to pay someone else as that cost will be tax-deductable as an expense against the costs of running the properties (and therefore less tax for them to pay). If you did it (for free or not) then you would need some form of liability insurance...
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    opinions on boiler size recommendation

    Wise words indeed, simond. The other difficulty with specifying the parts to fit is that, if the results do not come up to scratch the installer could quite rightly say "You spec'd the parts, your problem!"
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    i want to replace a potterton suprima 60...but with what ?

    Not in my experience. I've replaced two "latest type" boards in the past 6 months.
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    Apollo 50si

    Who decided the PCB needed changing twice in 6 months? Might be worth getting someone in to look at it who knows what they are doing! The problem is probably a gas-related issue which would need an RGI.
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    Monoblock tap leaking

    When you say the drip is from the end of the tap do you mean the spout where the water comes out from or at the joint between the swivel arm and the main tap body? If the spout end then you will need new complete new hot & cold cartridges for the tap. Hope you know what make & model it is...
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    New Gas Fire spillage test Help

    TBH I would never fit a gas fire to a chimney that had not been swept. If the old fire had been in for 19 years I would imagine that there could be a fair amount of crud in the chimney. As G4U has said, spiders webs can cause major problems to the flue flow. Precast flues are notorious for...
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    New Gas Fire spillage test Help

    Was the chimney swept prior to installation?
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    head of water

    Namsag's on form tonight! :lol:
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    New Heat only open flued Boiler - Any Suggestions???

    Can't quite see why the client thinks they are exempt from having a condensing boiler cos they back onto a church yard. I would want to see something official in writing before I considered doing the work.
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    business software??

    Sound like you could be looking for Sliq Easy Invoicing & Quoting Very good and they will even customise the invoice layouts for you at reasonable prices. No connection, just satisfied customer.
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    Removing Leak Sealer??

    That boiler requires a minimum flow rate of 250 gal/hr (1150 L/hr). Possible that the pump is failing to provide this (how old is it & what make/model?) Also possible that the draining & refilling has disturbed some sediment that has found it's way into the boiler and is blocking the heat...
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    possible actuator fault

    The grey wire on both valves must be fed from a permanent live and not be connected to the brown wire. The orange wire on both valves is used to power the pump & boiler. The brown wire is connected to the relevant stat. Sounds like someone has tried to do the job cheaply by not using another...