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    Hotpoint FFA90 Fridge Freezer Problem

    Hi. Have problem with the fridge freezer. The freezer compartment all seems fine - temperature set to -18 and it freezes food as you would expect - not but a thermometer to measure exact temperature but it but seems ok. Fridge is not so good though - temperature set to 5 deg and it just does...
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    Induction Hob Installation

    Thanks for the info. The spare slot on my consumer unit is on the non-RCD side - the RCD side is full. Is it easy to move things around to create a space on the RCD side? (My lack of electrical installation experience showing through now!!!) Thanks
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    Induction Hob Installation

    Cable will run down from consumer unit, under floor then up a stud partition wall that is behind kitchen units on one side and under stairs on other to the switch. Then back down same stud wall under floor again to a centre island where hob is located. I'm in Scotland.
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    Induction Hob Installation

    Hi I'm looking to install a new induction hob rated at 10.8kw that I calculate at circa 46 amps. I can get a new cable from consumer unit to hob location (approx 3m run) and have slot on consumer unit. Have the following questions: 1. Can I apply diversity to this type of hob thereby...