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    Kitchen waste moved to underfloor drain - vent?

    It will be fine, they always do this on new builds and never had a problem
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    Unvented system - Discharge pipe

    You only need it for the outlet not the whole pipe.
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    How Do I Plumb This Sink In? [Pic]

    The way you have the entire trap set up is wrong. Look at the Screwfix linkmon the previous page, the trap is the lowest part and doesn’t rise up above everything else. All them pipes WILL get blocked.
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    Is PTFE safe on a cooker?

    I don't blame him to be honest.
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    Is PTFE safe on a cooker?

    Are you sure it's not gas pyre tape??? If it is then it's fine...
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    UKPF survivors group

    What happened to Ray over at UKPF croppie, he seems to have disappeared aswell?
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    UKPF survivors group

    Go on then:)
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    UKPF survivors group

    Is montwallythehonk anyone on here :)
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    UKPF survivors group

    I'm still on there, apart from the layout it doesn't seem to have changed much (to me anyway). Does seem quieter without croppie, APP and that, but Dan and someone called Lou are starting loads of threads to try and keep it going I think.
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    Cutting plastic pipe with Copper pipe cutter ?

    It will work, obviously not designed for the job and the proper cutters will be much much better. I've used it once when making a manifold just to pressure test my pipework (never for the actual install) it very slowly cut it and held up to 10bar on the test.
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    is this correct pipe work?

    All the work I do (well 99% any way is new build) and that is absolutely shocking. Bin the bloke off and get someone else in to sort it out.
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    43mm pipe to 32mm pipe...

    What's the pipe for and made of?
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    New Boiler installation

    How much did it cost you in the end
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    Install a shower pump above HW Cylinder But below CW Storage

    Th That way it can go under the cylinder not next to it :rolleyes:
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    Open Vent to Sealed

    Depends on many factors, how easy is it to get a discharge pipe from the cylinder to outside, what size is the current water main as the chances are it will only be 15mm copper which is to small, and your location as that plays a part in labour rates. It's very hard to give prices without...
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    New combi boiler, 1500?

    What is he including for £1400
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    Electric only flat ... removing water tank and upgrading system.

    Yeh I've fitted one in a unit before. Just make sure you support the base as to take the weight.
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    heating pipes opposite side of joist to hot and cold

    along as there not touching it's fine