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    Texecom 412 with ComIP - App not working

    I have a Texecom 412 with v10.4 and ComIP. I setup the ComIP and can ping it, AND connect to it using Wintex over my LAN. Additionally, I port-forwarded ports on my router so I can also see the ComIP over the Internet. To test, I reset my UDL to 1234. I configure Wintex with UDL of 1234 over...
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    Texecom App iPhone

    londondude, how did you fix your App problem? I'm having the same issue with a Premier 412 and ComIP. The UDL is set correctly, its allowing Wintex to connect over IP. But the App keeps saying "Logging in to Panel.." -> "UDL Password Does Not Match!" I've checked all IP settings are correct...