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    how bad an install can u get

    Did a PIR 2 weeks ago for an estate agent and got no continuity on the kitchen ring cpc. Was told it was all behind a wall unit which I took down. There were 2 cables emerging from the wall into 2 of 2 way chock blocks for the 4 live conductors, the earths were just twisted together, one of...
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    Anotherr rewire question!

    For what reason? If it is a "quote" it is a price for the job regardless of how it breaks down. I never quote only "estimate". Room by room is not an option, as the circuits will each serve more than one room (with the exception of some kitchen ccts and a shower, say) and each room will...
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    New consumer unit and shower feed

    Check first as he won't necessarily sign off the work if he has not been involved from the start. When running a new cable like this, he/she will also want to determine why the original melted and if the supp bonding is up to spec at the same time.
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    Anotherr rewire question!

    For a full rewire, yes, and, probably/maybe the consumer unit, meter tails, earth bonds (which may be upgraded by the DNO if required) and the fittings. There may be occasions when a partial rewire is considered for a specific reason, eg fire or flood damage, but you could consider these the...
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    Novel Slant on a PME

    Saw a novel slant on the theory of a PME system today. Class 1 light fitting on a non-cpc lighting circuit with the fitting earth lead connected to the neutral terminal of the supply. :shock:
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    shorting a switch

    You would use one of these Something like this though they will fit into this also and then 2 of these...
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    Zs Query

    You need to check to ensure you have nothing that is increasing the Zs between the CU and the earthing system (poor or corroded connections). What you do thereafter depends on your geology. If you can get a longer, fatter stake in, do so. If you can't, which can be the case in parts of...
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    Confusion in the Consumer unit

    That depends on what it would entail from a house bashing point of view and what you aim to power from these sockets. There's nothing at all wrong with a radial circuit - the rest of Europe uses them extensively. I prefer to install a 2.5mm radial to kitchen refits for the fridge and freezer...
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    electrician courses

    Ah...experience. Even after all these years it's still something I get just those few seconds after I needed it.
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    Confusion in the Consumer unit

    Or even a 20Amp fuse provided the cable does not pass through insulation or does not need any other de-rating. If you are going to extend the radial you refer to I'd also replace that 15Amp fuse carrier with a 20 Amp version. As RF would say, though, a pic of the board and the fuses might just...
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    Neutral - Earth problem?

    I know it sounds a dull question, but are you sure exactly what you are measuring? (Especially if they are not marked properly) it can be very easy to confuse different conductors. If you "break" the neutral of a radial circuit, it is possible to measure 240V between the ends you have just...
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    Testing Zs of a circuit

    :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:
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    Testing Zs of a circuit

    If you think about it, on a PME supply you put the leads to Phase Neutral and Earth, as it's PME you're actually putting the N and E leads to the same point, ie the Neutral, so the Ze and the PSC become the same.
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    Earthing water pipes.

    Do they really knit to give themselves something to think about whilst they are talking?
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    Garden Electrics

    Beaten to the mark by both speed and eloquence!! :lol: :lol:
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    Garden Electrics

    Don't you just hate "That depends" answers? :( There's not enough info to answer you. Whether or not you can rig up a power supply from your garage depends on how and what has been done to power your garage in the first place. In deciding whether you have the correct cable you need to...
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    Electrics - The plan for the downstairs

    Bet you had a job bending the diversity factors around to bring the calculated load down to .. 100Amps was it....? :lol:
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    Moving a Plug Socket Question?

    I cribbed this from another post - credit to RF If you are going to run the cable under floorboards you are, possibly, into different territory depending on whether or not you have to cross joists - a move to one side of over...
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    Electrics - The plan for the downstairs

    Not IMHO. Even for what you describe, a single CU can have a good 20 circuits on it, can be split load or, even, be effectively 2 CU's in one box. One like this
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    Electrics - The plan for the downstairs

    I'll edit cos I reread your first post about the 3 phase supply. Are you splitting a phase from a 3 phase supply and bringing a single phase into the barn? If so, why 3 CU's?