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    Removing wallpaper revealed blown plaster?

    Is it near the blocked chimney breast? Or against another wall? Chimney breast needs ventilation. Is the chimney pot still open? Is it cavity wall?
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    Install Inline extractor fan inside combi boiler cuboard?

    To answer your question no, typical domestic boilers don’t need fire compartmentalisation therefore you are not penetrating a fire barrier by chopping into the cupboard for the duct. But as above your idea is not the best from a ducting perspective regardless. (One per room at the very least)
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    Cracks vertical on outside wall

    Don’t buy a peddle dashed house? Do you live in Cornwall by any chance..
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    Soil pipe foundations in the way - quick answer needed

    If you look in Wickes or B&Q these days that is the size of the rest bends they offer, which do include a resting heel, less often seen are the proper long radius rest bends.
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    Soil pipe foundations in the way - quick answer needed

    Yes that's fine as it's roddable it's perfectly acceptable
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    RSJ Spacers - Are they needed?

    I would suppose the top and bottom (side) edges of beams are not totally straight, as made in the roll forming process, only the middle web would have a true dimension 'flatness', hence spacers ensure the beams would remain parallel when tightened together. Notwithstanding above, builder did...
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    Replacing water supply pipe

    Should be 1" mdpe & plastic meter I expect, how did it go? Realise this is an old post sorry just interested...
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    How to connect to 3/8 hose?

    I have a random IV in my plumbing box with an unusual fitting on one side, maybe it is for these new fangled microbore tap cons
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    How to connect outside tap to MDPE

    You need a backplate elbow tap, and a mdpe compression male iron for the plastic, and probably a reducing bush to suit the different threads, (unless you get the comp MI with correct thread to suit the new tap. And as above, lag the pipe for frost protection. Oh wait one post wonder, should've...
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    Mdpe water pipe

    Not because of damage but because you do not want potable water to be warm, ever.. (Legionella etc) You can insulate both both of the pipes to minimise heat conduction, ideally separate penetrations though yes.
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    Bends in toilet outlet pipe

    Changes in direction should be roddable, at least one of those should be as its 180. Assume you've already got the pan but they are available with handed outlets (IE exits to the side not out the back) I have no other contribution sorry lol
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    Concrete lids in garden

    We had rainwater tanks in our old garden that looked like that, house was 1800's though. Only one way to find out... (Send the youngest boy in)
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    Outside kitchen-sink drain pipe corroded

    it just helps stop the bricks getting wet all the time, which can lead to issues such as frost damage etc
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    DPC and brick slippage ... stupid question

    I think just the plain old intellect to acknowledge it isn’t a real problem! It didn’t start ruining people’s lives until about the 50’s when it magicked out of nowhere... Yes just as above posters link!
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    Outside kitchen-sink drain pipe corroded

    Wall penetration should be mortared IMHO. Replace.
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    Cavity Wall insulation advice - can it be done yourself? Damp?

    Interested in this topic also I am..
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    Lean to Greenhouse air brick advice

    Sorry to hijack, but I can't for the life of me find those but in 9x6" square air brick to 4" soil pipe.. Need about 8.... :/
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    DPC and brick slippage ... stupid question

    Interestingly I have been reliably informed that buildings in the Netherlands do not use DPC just for this reason, all the heave experienced would cause them to slip off the foundations if there were a DPC; See all the wonky town houses in Amsterdam. Presumably same building requirement applies...
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    Can I vent a disused fireplace through suspended floor?

    Yes, sounds like a good idea. I'd just fit a couple of air bricks to communicate with the void though, rather than leave it open ,as you might get birds etc ending up down there..