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    Doubling up floor joists to cope with gym equipment.

    I am looking at using a ground floor room as a gym but would like to ensure the floor is strong enough to cope. It is a 1930s semi. The floor is a suspended timber floor with 2" x 5" joists at 380mm centres. The room is 3.6m wide but there is a sleeper wall around the perimeter and down the...
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    Ventilation of suspended timber floor with deadend

    The rear extension was done in two parts, I suspect the first section was probably ducted but the previous occupier tended to cut corners some what.
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    Ventilation of suspended timber floor with deadend

    I have a 1930s semi-detached house. The property has previously been extended to both the rear and most of the side. The extensions have solid floors but the original rooms have suspended timber floors. I have attached a diagram of the layout. The orange crosses represent existing clay...