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    Help needed to interpret a restrictive covenant

    Hi Within my residents' association we get these questions so often I threw together some info on the topic (mainly due to frustration of explaining the issues so many times). I am not an expert but this might help
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    How do I find matched side-by-side kitchen applicances?

    Hi We have fitted applicances set into the floor standing units at waist high. An oven is beside a microwave + warming draw. This looks great as a matched set. I am now electrcial having problems and want to replace the matched set with another. (+££) I am unable to find anywhere that will...
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    Shower pump pulses when shower turned off

    When diagnosing the old pump I got fed up with draining down to do tweaks. With the gate valves it is now very easy to swap in/out the pump etc. I can see you point and I am willing to take guidance - the pumps appear to be recommended for "bathroom use" (including taps and not just the...
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    Shower pump pulses when shower turned off

    HI Gasguru, Your comment got me thinking - I have check-values on all the pump connections. If there is air in the downstream side then temporarily closing the downstream check valves when the pump is pulsing will be similar in behaviour to a one-way valve. Testing found that the cold-side...
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    Shower pump pulses when shower turned off

    On checking - I see you are very right. I had misunderstood the diagram. Please disregard the proposal for a one-valve in the vent pipe. Geoff
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    Shower pump pulses when shower turned off

    Our previous shower pump (Stuart Turner) worked perfectly for around 10 years and then we had problems with starting it. On checking out the old pump I realized that the installation provided for insufficient water-head. So we have re-jigged the pluming to place a brand new twin 3bar pump by...
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    Avoiding PWA With Hostile Neighbour

    In the past - I tried to make life difficult for a neighbour of a little old lady that I help out - the neighbour had planning permission and tried to bully and lie to the little old dear to get their own way. Whilst she was a little old dear she had all her faculties and asked what she could...
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    Someone has made a planning enquiry about our land

    Yep - go for an overage clause - simples
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    My neighbours wonky shed...

    Another issue - the rain washing off the shed roof into your property - very annoying. Also, if you do own the fence then its useful life may be shortened.
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    Extending time LPA has to determine planning application

    I see many applications extended by my local council. You can always withdraw the current application - this would have no prejudicial impact on any future application.
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    Planning Permission Questions

    You can do the drawings yourself - but it really depends on what sort of work and scale you are thinking of?
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    Online Planning refusal with no letter or reason given

    how do you know the letter was not lost in the post?
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    Not happy with neighbours planning app. Help needed

    If this is application approved (or possibly before it is approved) you may get "unsolicited letters" from party wall surveyors asking that that represent you during the project. General advice is to NOT react to any of these unsolicited letters. If the build goes ahead and you are on good...
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    Party Wall Survey - structural engineer best for this?

    As I understand it.... You want to get a chartered surveyor that is listed on this site The cost is irrelevant as the owner commissioning the building works picks up all the cost (directly). The owner/builder needs to get the details past building control, and so this is...
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    Concealed Buildings and Planning Permission

    One would assume that there would be no indication for the emergency services to use that would indicate your presence? There are all sorts of scenarios where this could be a big problem for you/family. Will you have visitors or receive post? Will you insure the property?
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    Advice on neighbouring building works

    Picking up the law theme from earlier. There is classic case law that has established the responsibilities of land owners to be prevent anything on their land from harming neighboring land. This case related to flooding and it is Rylands vs Fletcher (1898). Have a look at...
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    Replacing double garage door

    So what is your question/issue?
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    Detached garage.

    Are the trees under a TPO?
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    What tolerance do Planning Departments work too?

    My understanding is that anything within 20cm is accepted for the placement of walls, doors and windows. This is the length of a house brick (near enough). And is a concession provided to avoid the need for excessive work with part-bricks. Use of part bricks causes wasted time, excessive...
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    Neibour building attached extension to my linked detached house!

    Where is the boundary line. Is your wall fully within your boundary? Or does your wall form a party wall. You may get some help form a party wall surveyors. Regards Geoff