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    Aqualisa visage remote switch

    the rats in the loft have chewed through the comms cable to the remote button. So although there is a sticker on the cable saying don't cut it, my question is can I solder the cables back together or use a connector block? Rather than try and run a new cable?
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    2inch Durgo

    Got an issue with svp that builder fitted on brothers extension. Nowhere to terminate 4 inch vent and fitting 4 inch Durgo in en suite is a bit of a pain so am thinking of branching of in 2 inch and then a dugo. Anyone see an issue with that? Cheers, never done it like that before!
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    Baxi solo 2 40pf burner keeps cutting out

    Could be the fan Venturi, ntc, or gas valve. No point guessing though so get an engineer in and let him find the fault.
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    Water doesn't go all the way around the bowl

    The spreader is the moulding at the top outlet of the pan with the holes around the rim and is part of the pan and should not be loose or plastic. Sound like foreign media stuck to me!
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    How to drain CH without a drain valve (to replace TRVs)

    Have you checked outside the building for a drain off? Sometimes we poke them outside. However what you plan to do is fine, you could put a nut and olive on the hose itself and connect it to the rad valve once you have drained the rad. Once connected, open valve and drain system! Easy but u dont...
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    sudden drop of pressure when boiler kicks off

    We live in a world of paranoia! :roll:
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    Pipe centres for towel radiators

    I just fitted one at my house, its a 600x800 and the centers were 555mm.
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    Water doesn't go all the way around the bowl

    Sounds like something has been stuck like you say. I've pulled stuff out of the spreader before, normally when kids put stuff in the cistern and it gets pulled through and blocks the spreader. You may need some ingenuity and patients if you want to fix it. Otherwise a new pan.
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    Condensing combi boiler opinions please

    I'm a Viessmann convert! Try a Vitodens 100.
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    Help joining 40mm pipe to 32mm?

    Just get reducer. You can get the same in solvent weld too.
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    BTU Rating for 22mm pipe

    Oh i see now, u should have said! :D
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    What Plumber/Gas Engineer Is Right?!

    Pump for me too! If it's banging its probably because the heat cannot be moved from the boiler quick enough which results in banging because the water is literally boiling/kettling. Also a dirty system can cause the same problem and therefore the boiler will struggle to push the heat around the...
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    BTU Rating for 22mm pipe

    So I can run 150 metres of 15mm pipe with 40 bends and have enough pressure to run 15,000 btu appliance? Watch out for the backstabbers! :wink:
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    Low pressure from newly installed kitchen sink mixer

    As gigz said. It has an aerator or a flow straightener, both can get blocked and are at the end of the tap spout that can be removed. I would also check the isolation valves and make sure fully open, Flexi hoses for kinks(unless piped in copper tails).
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    Low pressure from newly installed kitchen sink mixer

    Check the aerator at the spout where the water comes out! If there is one! Unscrews at end of spout to reveal!