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  1. Paulie_A

    Soft close hinge on tall fridge cabinet door

    Guys, I have 2 soft close hinges on a tall fridge cabinet door. The cabinet is 2.3 high and the top door (for the fridge) is I think around 1.2m or there abouts. Now I was supplied with soft close hinges, Cooke & Lewis ones, but on this top door it doesn't have the force required to get past the...
  2. Paulie_A

    Waste Pipe run, diameter and length

    thanks for this guys. Hugh, I did exactly that.
  3. Paulie_A

    Waste Pipe run, diameter and length

    hi guys, im a new poster but I have used this forum for many years for tips and advice and research. My question is, I am moving my kitchen from one side of the room to the other. Unfortunately this means my waste pipe also has to go with it, please see the photos attached, the waste will exit...