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    Water Supply Pipe?

    Not really, you can probably get 50mm PE pipe moled, or maybe even plough in a 63mm pipe to supply the farm and tee off this. I was only thinking about the increased flow from a point of view that the new build will have much higher demands (and capability) than the old farmhouse with a lead...
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    Water Supply Pipe?

    You will probably find that the flow off the AC pipe will be pretty crap anyway, they aren't the most hydraulically effective pipes in the world. The increased flow may also lead to scouring of the pipe which will discolour the water (and no amount of flushing will stop this, it just worsens)...
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    Sad Rabbit

    No. It's called stu...! :lol:
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    What action should Mods Take?

    Same here. Sometimes whole topics get locked just because of one or two idiotic comments.
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    Defra (Deathra?) continues the slaughter!!

    Then they aren't free range chickens... Won't be doing that. I didn't vote the last d*ckhead in either.
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    Defra (Deathra?) continues the slaughter!!

    Defra are in deep sh*t. The fact that they have been fined for breaches of biosecurity at the labs that are being blamed for the source of the current FMD cases means that if it all goes like last time, someone is going to be hitting them with a bill.
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    Defra (Deathra?) continues the slaughter!!

    A wise and informed opinion. Ever been on a farm? That "Meatrix" stuff is from the US. Most dairy farms I go on produce milk with little sign of a cow (well no cow muck anyway, the parlours are spotless). Any of the beef farms I go on and the stock is out in fields, not in sheds. The few...
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    Water pipe upgrade?

    We insist on minimum 25mm for new/replacement supplies. Most water co's charge the same for 25mm or 32mm connections. If your water co has a lead replacement scheme then they may replace the pipe in the street free of charge.
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    Outside water stopcock

    That'd be the insulation. Very rarely see them still in, but never come across a frozen meter...
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    Ahmadinejad - Evil dictator or clash of cultures.

    All of the information we have about him comes from the media, and that great oxymoron "American intelligence" so it's hard to tell what he really is about. Is Iran really supplying arms to militants/insurgents, or is it just coming from factions within Iran? I seem to recall we had trouble...
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    Foul-tasting water from kitchen tap.

    Not at all Tony, I made a double post, and then screwed up editing my first one so went to bed. All I said was that running taps to sample is standard practice across the board. The Water Co wants to sample the water they are supplying to the property, not the stuff that is sat in the...
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    good shot!

    He was quoting me... :idea:
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    Royal Mail.......great arent they!

    Then told to get on their bikes...
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    Royal Mail.......great arent they!

    What do you need to show proof of before they will issue the tax disc...? ...or was this just and example plucked from the air :wink:
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    Northern Rock customers, don't panic!

    I've been thinking the same thing but have only got a tenner spare... :cry:
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    good shot!

    The term facts Sir was not meant to indicate that I was about to put some across, but merely a reminder that things aren't always clear cut. It made sense to me when I posted it, but not when I read it back. One thing I did wish to clear up was that he wasn't on his way to the "menders" but...
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    Shoot to kill

    They shoot to hit, not to kill. It just so happens that the largest body mass tends to be fatal.
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    good shot!

    Facts Sir: If you have a table leg in a bag and are instructed to put it down by a police officer who is pointing a gun at you do you really think it is a good idea to point it in their direction holding it as if it was a gun? Great joke, shame about the punchline. I also wasn't aware you...