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    Opening up a fireplace

    There are more places to get free wood, I get frame offcuts from upholsterers.
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    BR distance from boundary and non-combustable roof

    My workshop is all wood but <15msq, so I can set fire to it as much as I like :lol: This thread is a query off the back of a conversation I had with one of the other petrolheads at work, who getting rid of a crappy old asbestos roofed concrete thing and has previously admired my shed so...
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    BR distance from boundary and non-combustable roof

    Presumably these are those classed as suitable for habitable buildings, which tends to be the 15-25year stuff anyway (don't see the point of 5yr shed felt tissue paper). Although these meet spread of fire, are these considered substantially non-combustable? Is everything that meets spread of...
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    BR distance from boundary and non-combustable roof

    G'day folks, As I understand BR, if you build an outbuilding of 15-30m2 within 1m of of the boundary, Then you are required to build the structure of primarily non-combustable materials to avoid needing a visit from your local BCO. Question the first: What is measured to the boundary...
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    Rebuild Single Garage Question

    With the 2nd option, you will need to make your roof "non-combustable" if the building is within 1m of the boundary as it is 15-30m2. Don't forget, all glazing / electrics / heating should technically still conform to BR and be installed by qualified or competant persons where required.
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    Roof problem attaching to party wall.

    It appears my previous post has been moderated away* Even with my, somewhat cavalier; approach to PP/BR and signoff's for small to moderate jobs**, I wouldn't dream of embarking on a project of this scale simply hoping it would slip under the radar. Good luck with your endeavors...
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    Ideas wanted for garden, please. Pictures now added

    Drain pit and artificial grass?
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    False grass on roof?

    Good to hear it's been done before, You mention leaving spaces for water drainage - how do you tend to do this? I tested a sample (under the tap) at the same low pitch angle as my shed roof and was impressed at how much went across the top surface of the base layer rather than through the...
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    Best roof solution for adding solar panels after (shed)

    Bit of a thread drift here as you intend to add the panels as a later addition, But, is there a solarPV panel system that could be used as the primary external waterproofing surface? Hard insulate to the back of it and you could have an excellent roofing solution. Compact too where height...
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    False grass on roof?

    Don't know much about roofing, But here's the shed i'm building that currently has a waterproof base-layer and is awaiting a protective grit layer. How bad an idea would it be to put false grass on instead of this grit layer? Let the mocking commence.
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    Post & Beam garden motorcycle workshop

    Sharks, with fricking laazerrs!
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    House renovation where to start? Help needed!!

    I'm nearly 2 years into our renovation of our 1886 3-bed semi. We didn't move in until 6 months after purchase and used it to get all of the nasty jobs done. Knocked holes in walls, ripped out the kitchen and bathroom, replaced ceilings, installed double glazing throughout, rewired...
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    Backyard crazy golf idea

    Haha, that's both brilliant and bonkers! Have you treated the chipboard and maintained venitlation underneath? (if not it may be worth peeling back the grass and giving it a good coat of something and sitting it on bricks to give some longevity to it.)
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    Post & Beam garden motorcycle workshop

    The hinges are thick enough for what they do, the mountings have been hidden and will be attatched through the doors with coach bolts, Job jobbed. It's a valid point though as many people will spend £20 on a tough as nails padlock, but forget that the hinges could just be unscrewed! I'll...
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    Garden Office Build Thread- Start to finish with pics!

    UPVC doors, plastered walls, that's no shed, that's luxury! Good result, well done. Now, just to feed the earlier fire, If I understand the regs correctly; glass installation, woodburners etc are also subject to being compliant as well as electrics in buildings that don't specifically...
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    Post & Beam garden motorcycle workshop

    And that frenzied bout of copy & paste brings it just about bang up to date, My latest novel idea is to put false grass on the roof...
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    Post & Beam garden motorcycle workshop

    Glad I opted for door windows, needs the light: Starting to.look the part now: The hanging will be a bit of a dogs dinner, but it's something I can potentially re-do when they one off for paint.
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    Post & Beam garden motorcycle workshop

    Big bastard locks turned up this morning, keyed alike to save faff :) (not my shoes) Got most of the cladding done to the infill panels, just need to do the short top pieces. Thesholds are also in and bitumen painted to stop water tracking in. (crap picture, but you get the idea)...
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    Post & Beam garden motorcycle workshop

    4 manhours to cut the wood and assemble versus 4 hours I've already spent looking for and not finding ready-made. So although it doesn't appear easy from the offset, it is actually quicker and cheaper in the long run, bit only because I over-complicate things with very specific requirements...