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    Bathroom walls - what are they made of?

    Thanks for the reply but I'm not sure mine is the same. My bathroom is a 1970s extension and the pink boards are attached to the wall like plasterboard would be. They are obviously made of some kind of wood inside but the surface of them is a pink coloured waterproof looking material. Your tar...
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    Bathroom walls - what are they made of?

    Hi, I'm rennovating my bathroom and stipped off the wallpaper to reveal a pink boarding material. From where the previous owners have drilled holes to attach shelves etc the boards appear to be made of wood. At first, before I stripped the wallpaper off I thought this was chipboard but now it...
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    Installing air bricks in solid wall chimney

    Hi, I have searched the other airbrick posts on here but can't find an answer to my question... probably because it's a stupid question... Anyway, I need to install air bricks in the external solid wall to ventilate the chimney (which is sealed up). Obviously I will have to drill through and...
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    Damp solid wall

    Hi, I've just bought a 1900 terrace that has solid external walls and the surveyor told me there is damp from the external walls. He said the slate dpc may need replacing but he also said there may be penetrating damp and that the original internal plaster will need replacing soon. I have read...