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    Hooking up out building to the national grid

    Mind, in a large part of the UK, National Grid actually IS now the DNO (since taking over Western Power).
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    Wall plug socket really hot with fan heater

    Yep, still in use with no further problem. I put an MK toughplug onto it, as I've used them for the same issue with tumble dryers, and they don't heat up even slightly.
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    Wall plug socket really hot with fan heater

    Before you do anything, I'd follow @flameport's advice and try it in a number of sockets. If they all heat up, then it's the plug that's at fault. A lot of these moulded on plugs have crimp/solder connections inside which are liable to fail under a high current draw, such as with a fan heater...
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    "REC Enclosure" ?

    Old acronym, I believe - Regional Electricity Company. It's the standard plastic enclosure and shrouding that the switch fits into. It has the benefit of being able to accommodate a seal to prevent tampering This Wylex info sheet sort of alludes to it.
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    Meter change and DNO fuse

    I suppose there's an outside chance the DNO might turn up and replace the entire cutout, but I doubt they'd do that unless there was significant damage.
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    Meter change and DNO fuse

    A plastic seal around the body of the fuse itself is what I've seen, with a strong plastic adhesive strip holding it onto the face of the cutout on the right-hand side, and onto the side of the cutout on the left - in the same way the paper seal is currently applied on your fuse, but much...
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    Meter change and DNO fuse

    A lot of DNO fuses are like this, not necessarily through theft, just wear and tear. In my experience the meter operator has always pressed ahead with the meter change and reported the lack of seal to the DNO. Then at some later date the DNO turns up and installs a retrofit seal over the body...
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    Boiler Supply Q

    The plug/FCU thing seems to be regional. I live between two places - in Swansea, the RGIs swear blind that only a plug and an unswitched socket is acceptable, whereas in Shropshire they swear blind that it can only be an FCU.
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    2A socket intended for phone use!

    I seem to recall the 2 amps being used for PA systems quite regularly in some circumstances too, particularly when there were 100 volt lines. The chapel my grandparents went to used one to plug in the microphone on the lectern. Lots of opportunities for big bangs in the days when 2 amp plugs...
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    Electric shower recommendations

    I was waiting for your comment, John ;) My personal experience is that it does make a difference. You, and others, may have a different perception. However I would suggest trying it before dismissing it.
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    Electric shower recommendations

    In my opinion the best value for the experience received (others may disagree) is this: This draws 45 amps continuous in use. Make sure your supply is up to it. Your armoured 16mm supply sounds...
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    Failed switched plug socket

    Undoubtedly aluminium - you can tell by the surface pitting.
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    Failed switched plug socket

    Cut the aluminium conductors and the copper conductors back to where the metal is bright and untarnished. Slightly abrade the aluminium conductors with fine sandpaper/emery paper. Use wago connectors, with alu plus paste on the aluminium cable - the alu plus paste coats the aluminium conductors...
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    Best practice for splicing T&E for high loads.

    Ideally, if there's any way at all to do it, I'd run 10mm2 back to the CU, even if it means surface trunking in a corner somewhere.
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    3 pin socket

    I agree with you on 2 amp plugs - I don't really see any point to installing them, and I'm not entirely sure what the point of them was in the first place, seeing as they would always be installed on 5 amp protection. I do think there still is a place for 15 amp though, maybe for high current...
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    Our Cyberman is leaking

    Turn a heavy load on and see if you can hear any noise from it. If there's a poor connection you might be able to hear a crackling sound.
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    Shower upgrade to 10.5kW

    Well quite, but from how you've described your house on here John, you have something approximating to (a very nice sounding) old pile with a plumbing system to fit, whereas the OP sounds to have something more modest where the electric shower is intended to be the main shower?
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    Shower upgrade to 10.5kW

    When I do a house up (it's mostly been terraces with combi boilers) I've always followed the above principle of having two sources of hot water. The electric shower I've always used which from my own experience is the best one available is this. It's never going to be a shower off even a 24kw...
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    Can you put a toothbrush charger in a cabinet?

    They also do this one now £5 extra, best of both worlds
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    4Kw electric double oven install

    2.5 on a 20a MCB would do fine.