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    The UK debt.

    maybe the people who run our pension,s and all our pensioners are also bankers take take take, everyone pays one way or another me thinks though not all the same, just cause the ship hit the ice cant mean we dont get in the lifeboat, we can( eat the rich later) soon as the £14 is paid we may...
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    minimun wage

    should people be allowed to work for below minimun wage if they want and should the min rate only start at 21 years of age to help our young into work, remember in my day you started on peanuts but you ended up with a life long skill. ONE WEEK YOUR ARE AT SCHOOL £5/10 pocket money, next week...
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    Jimmy Saville

    jim could not fix it :oops:
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    The UK debt.

    6 billon people on planet all PAY £14 EACH and we got money in the pot start the machines we are back in biss :lol:
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    show me your cash and now we have a wor-day :wink:
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    can we live without a plastic bag , well we will just have to see who Jordan ends up with next :) :) :)
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    Things we are not allowed to talk about on this forum

    WHY NOT MAKE THEM GO TO WORK ,OR A JOB INTERVIWE ON THE DAY THEY WANT TO PROTEST, bet that would cause a riot :lol: :lol:
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    vauxhall vivaro

    van is under warranty but stuck in my yard just though someone may have had the same fault and if i could do it myself :?:
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    Ronnie biggs

    guy in the good old, U.S.A JUST GOT 150 years ,he is in his 70s all he did was fiddle your pension and savings, so good job Briggs is not a yank :lol:
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    vauxhall vivaro

    ,vauxhall vivaro van red light came on telling me to stop, did that , now engine wont turn over, just clicks like the starter is stuck , its a 2007 van 2lt ctdi 15000 0n clock oil, level good and then van was running brill before red stop light came on ,can engine management shut down
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    vauxhall vivaro

    red ligth came on saying stop , so pulled van back up drive, turn off engin checked fuel filter by turning cap at bottom small bit of water came out then tried to start engin again , no sound out of it only clicking noise like the starter was stuck , its 2007 2lt cdit, 15000 on clock , very...
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    vivaro wont start

    could be injectors
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    Racist attacks in Belfast.

    hey joe i know you really care about the POOR PEOPLE OF EASTERN EURO ZONE, same as the rest of us i see in the paper to-day NICK GRIFFIN BNP LEADER is from gipsy stock, thats why he wants rid of them ,so they wont come round for tea.:? :lol:
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    BNP win 2 seats

    it could be worse, you could be short bald fat ugly gay mixed race like me :lol: :lol: only joking i think 8)
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    BNP win 2 seats

    6% of the vote :? so who is kidding who :? 65millon people in uk .so that would mean 3.9 millon people share there viwe , and want change :shock: , but what is it they want changed :?:
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    Word Association

    duck house
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    murphy,s law

    who has had the misfortune to suffer with this law. :lol: bougth a suit had two pair of pants made ,got hole in jacket :P
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    world war 3

    well put Norcon, now can we stop nutter's like little kim and his little army of generals trying to kill us all off, plus half the arab world :? ,
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    world war 3

    could we be on course for world war three because of north Korea ,who would go to the Aid of South Korea and USA, what would be the outcome :? would there be any winners and what is the prize.
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    mega rip off

    lou , i said when i posted this item it was a rip off, but i am not lying , you know the old saying (murphy's law). good news though you can now i am told get a patten copy injector at £250 each £1000 + vat and fitting for four, but fiat wont give you a warranty with them :cry: to late for mate...