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    Hi, Happy New Year one and all, I have an FCU above my worktops supplying my dishwasher. The FCU is on the ring main is it possible to spur off of this once to supply my under cupboard lighting unfortunately I have no other sockets in that area any help greatly appreciated. Cheers
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    Stain on Staircase

    Any other advice
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    Stain on Staircase

    Hello all, I have a staircase that has been stained a rosewood colour, its been done with a combined stain and varnish you know the likes of sadolin, sikkens etc. It has been done terrible with brush marks etc and its very patchy where more coats were needed. I want it a dark oak colour...
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    I have just finished constructing a lean to roof which covers a porch one end and acts as canopy at the other end, can anyone give me advice as to what size lead to use and how much sits as an upstand and how much is on the tiles. The top of the lean to is up against pebble dash so need to cut...
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    Tile Position

    Cheers Jason much obliged
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    Tile Position

    Hello all, Quick question I have a kitchen wall to tile which incorporates an extractor under a fan unit. When working out tile position do you start from the centre of the extractor and work outwards to the outer walls so the tile spacing is uniform around the extractor or do you take the...
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    Laminate Flooring

    Cheers g-col & Big-all I like to do things Pukka even if it takes a bit longer I was also going to line the threshold strips up with the door when closed so you don't see them rather than in line with the door stops? Any Comments?
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    Laminate Flooring

    Hello, I am going to lay laminate flooring in a flat in the lounge, bedroom and hallway. I want the flooring to flow into the hallway, obviously I will leave an expansion gap at the doorways but I was wondering if it would look better if the joint lines line up from lounge to hallway and...
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    Outside Light

    Cheers Superspark and Jim Yep sorry people as Jim said thats whats confusing me why have the yellow cable if there is no override switch I've told the brother in law that there must be a switch or as you say Jim put the yellow in a block or connect with the red. Thanks people
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    Outside Light

    Hello superspark Yep the terminals are LNE the problem is he reckons that he has no override switch anywhere and thats whats confusing me as to the existing 4 core cable surely he must have a switch somewhere. Cheers matey
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    Outside Light

    Hello all Just been asked a question by brother in law. He is replacing his outside halogen security light complete with sensor. The wiring at present is Red/Blue/Yellow and obviously Earth. The new light only has a three way connection block so his not sure about the wiring I said he would...
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    Electric Hob

    Hi all, Is it ok to use normal flat 6mm twin and earth to connect hob or does it have to be heat resistant or round flex. Hob rating is 7kw couldn't see anything specific in installation manual. The only thing it did state was to use 3 x 2.5mm2 wire but I thought this was wrong any advice. Cheers
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    Diamond Core Drills

    Can anyone recommend a decent set of diamond core drills (ie Make) have seen the Norton ones in srewfix any advice cheers
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    Laminate Flooring All Over

    Hello all, I am renovating a flat at present and want to lay laminate flooring all over except for the kitchen and bathroom. Is it ok to carry the flooring through each door threshold or shall I leave an expansion gap and finish it with a threshold strip, obviously it would look better without...
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    Joint Sanding

    Hello all, What grit paper do you use to sand down the joints in plasterboard when dry lining. Cheers in advance everybody.
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    Tile Cutter

    Can anyone recommend a good professional tile cutter (hand not electric) and the best place to purchase it from. Thanks in advance
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    Trend Router Bits

    Hello PTH Just to add to this I fit a lot of kitchens and I recently bought a Trend 1/2 inch cutter to do the butt and scribe joint and I was shocked, after just doing one joint (male and female) and the bolt slots the cutter was chipped in places all the way along the carbide tip. Not happy at...
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    Stud & Cable Finder

    Hello All Can anyone recommend a good and accurate stud and cable finder, I did have one and dropped it and it is now in a few pieces. The one I did have they don't make anymore. I have asked around and even asked at certain suppliers and all they say is there is so many on the market its best...
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    Halogen Lamp

    I see Breezer could you give me the wiring for both situations ie for the switching you explained or to have a seperate overide switch, ther is a 4 way connector block in the light the thing is lost instructions so not sure how light/sensor works Cheers
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    Halogen Lamp

    Hello all Can someone post the wiring required for an outside halogen lamp with built in PIR and to have an overide switch to manually turn the light on and off have lost the diagrams for the light...Have a feed at present to the light so light works off of PIR but want an overide switch as...