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    Recess Ceiling lights causing dust

    Just stick a bead of clear silicon around all the holes, job solved.
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    Pergola dilemma

    That looks great, would you recommend that cork screw auger over a traditional post digger?
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    Replacing lawn with slate chippings - not going well

    Get a ruler or like you said 50mm of wood, and just shovel and rake the soil to the height you require. Start at one end and work along I won’t take you too long.
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    Sticking LED strips to aluminium channels

    Glue gun, few little dots
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    POE Powerline to Hikvision cam

    Thank you for the replies guys that’s brilliant and something to try.
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    POE Powerline to Hikvision cam

    I could do that actually or mesh if it helps? It’s just how would I get signal back to my hikvision nvr? Thanks for replying
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    POE Powerline to Hikvision cam

    I currently have NVR setup indoors and it’s running fine, I need a camera down the garage at back of garden and can’t run a cable, can I use powerline adaptors such as solwise Poe ones?
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    Unistrut for summer house base

    Why not just lay concrete fence posts horizontally, unistrut is bound to rust out after a few years.
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    EV cable left exposed

    It’s a shame they couldn’t be bothered to vacuum their mess up either? And the hole for the cable from the right looks very oversized.
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    Electrical screw from where

    Amazon, EBay, B&Q all do smaller sizes
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    Not a spark but asked similar before and didn’t get a reply either, you need to buy the LED strip and then buy a driver that is relevant to that strip either 12v or 24v. I spoke to a guy from Yesss electrical and they were very helpful. Also loads of vids on YouTube. Really the electrician...
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    Kitchen under cabinet lights

    Hi guys, Happy new year! I’m looking for some advice. I’d like to install under cabinet lights in my kitchen, I’ve purchased some LED tape and the drivers but I’m a little unsure of installing as it’s currently a loop/ring. As per the pictures it was figure of 8 types plugs into slim bulb...
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    Striplight on bookcase

    Spend more save the hassle
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    Striplight on bookcase

    DZYDZR 5 Pack DC Jack 5.5 x 2.1mm Splitter Cable 12V Plug 1 Female to 2 Male 2 Way Splitter Cable Y Type Copper Wire Black 15cm
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    Striplight on bookcase

    LE 12V 2A Power Supply for LED Strip Lights, AC 100-240V Mains to DC 12V Converter Adapter Driver Transformer, 24W UK Plug with 1.2M Cable, 5.5mm x 2.1mm Jack, GS TUV Approved
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    Striplight on bookcase

    Can you not get a 12v adaptor with a two-way splitter and plug direct into the mains.