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    Core drilling near footing

    The exit of foul drainage or indeed any drainage in the substructure I believe should be lintelled over to comply with Building regs, however I would also say that a core drilled in masonry as structural integrity that would prevent collapsing in on for close to foundations this...
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    Acceptable bends for waste water which doesnt need rodding

    as important as any use of bends is to remember that bends usually means cutting pipes to fit....just make sure that the inside of the pipe is de-burred.... burring can play havoc with the smooth flow of foul debris down a shallow gradient pipe, regarding using bends... 2 x 45s either side of a...
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    Garage 30M2 building regs

    what I mean is does it really matter if there are foundations, would like to brick up the plinth same as the old house...straight of the bedrock!!
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    Garage 30M2 building regs

    can i hand mix the mortar for the foundations??
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    Garage 30M2 building regs

    thanks....simple build then
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    Garage 30M2 building regs

    I am in the process of applying for planning permission for my father in laws new garage and covered walkway, its a definite planning application as it is alongside the road in the front of the house (actually the old sheds burned down in a fire and we are replacing) I know it will need building...
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    intermediate switching

    morning Sunray Just having a look at your post with my early morning Cuppa!! Have to spend today clearing up after the storm Arwen came through.... Plum tree down... coleman shelter in next county...Building materials all over the place... Just want to say thankyou for the effort of looking at...
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    intermediate switching

    ok thanks for your replies I am getting that I will probably go for a grid/modular system. regarding what is already existing. Feed from utility light to porch (future light position) 3 core from utility (pink) to proposed 3gang intermediate (pink) They are not really back to back as shown, it...
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    intermediate switching

    Can I seek some advice and Knowledge from good people here ?? I have a what seems a simple lighting scenario but are struggling to determine if i am able to switch it as I wish, haven't a diagram so hopefully can explain it . I have uploaded a sketch of the switching configuration and want to...
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    Crossed wires

    hi terry I basically removed the fused spur faceplate on the boiler cupboard wall... removed terminals, but as said the terminals appeared incorrect.. blue to brown...brown to blue.... but as this was just a like for like I sort of assumed that because the house seemed to have lots of anomalies...
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    Crossed wires

    Posting here as I believe this belongs in this forum not electrics but possibly in combustion chamber forum. Some time ago my stepdaughter bought a house that had seen the previous owners do all sorts of weird and wonderful things both to plumbing, phones, cctv, and electrics.. I had the job of...
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    EV charging point

    Dear forum Can anyone tell me the procedure for converting or utilising an existing street light (adjacent to my Daughters on street car parking bay) into an EV charging point, I understand there is active encouragement by local authorities to provide on street EV charging facilities, And in...
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    wet room waste leak

    Hi To all I've read through all posts and cannot find the right answer or advice. I have installed a "topps tiles" linear tray short side and used a "tops tiles" linear drain trap It as leaked after a few showers at the trap tray junction, if you look at the trap it quite simply gets offered...
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    Scaffold boards sanding

    Before you start any sanding... Get those boards in your car and down to your local garage that as a power washer...get them powerwashed to get rid of the grime and grit qand also "raise the grain" dry em out and then sand for a really good finish!!
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    Sash and euro lock problem

    Hi I have in my shed lots of hardware bits and bobs left over from when I was site managing. I had a back door fitted the other day and the carpenter fitted the sashlock, but called me over to say that to open the levers need lifting up and not down.. we pulled it apart and have concluded that...
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    is this efforvecence??

    hi to all who read this, and thanks in anticipation of some good advice. I have a formed a traditional type pantry in the kitchen of my renovated and extended house, the back wall of the pantry is external cavity wall the one side wall is also a cavity wall but is now an internal wall as the...
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    Fitting a boiler

    Hi to all, Today I find myself installing the pipework and generally studding out in preparation of having a combi boiler fitted, Let me state that I consider myself to be very skilled Diy,er, I have researched the boiler I wish to purchase and have been through all the installation criteria for...
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    Need as many opinions as possible

    Thanks for the decent array of replies regarding this. We had the meeting and I surveyed the level of the service pipe in each chamber, either side of what will be the new trunk road. Not sure if I made it clear at the outset as to what as been done here, just to hopefully clarify, A friend who...
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    Need as many opinions as possible

    sorry madrab, if you read you will see that my task is to take survey levels either side of the road to determine the potential depth of the service in the new road surface, I think 35 years setting out construction for both line and level should suffice as enough skill to undertake this. My...
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    Need as many opinions as possible

    Hello all I am in a bit of a pickle and don't want to let a friend down. in mid wales a new bypass is being built round our town, a friend whose land is being cut in two by the bypass, his 25mm (black plastic) (may be 20mm) the bypass contractor as ducted under the new road and inserted a...