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    rubi 1200mm manual tile cutter

    Hi thanks for the replies. The dry cutter laughed at me when I attempted to cut these tiles. I even had a tiler in my local tile shop have a go at one of the off cuts and he could not cut it. Purchased a wet rubi cutter but found that the blade it came with just chipped the tiles. I bought a...
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    Bath waste trap

    Thanks for the replies. I am going into a stack but I have put in a manifold and all of my wastes are going into separate slots in the manifold. Is this classed as a hopper?
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    Bath waste trap

    Hi I am about to fit a new bath which will have no access once it is fitted. The bath plug hole is directly above a joist. Can I use a low profile bath waste? I have read that they can cause issues with smells etc. The bath will be on its own pipe work all the way to the soil stack, in 40mm...
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    rubi 1200mm manual tile cutter

    Thanks for the reply. I would rather use a wet cutter. I have one but it is not up to this task. I could not find a hire shop with a wet cutter big enough to cut the tiles on 1200mm length. I will have a word with the hire company. Thanks..
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    rubi 1200mm manual tile cutter

    Hi, I am about to hire a rubi 1200 manual tile cutter. I need to cut some 1200 x 600 porcelain tiles. They are 10mm thick. Can someone tell me if this equipment will be up to the job. I intend to but a new cutting wheel when I hire it.
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    cotswold stone gravel driveway

    Hi, I already have a Cotswold stone gravel driveway. It has a few small pot holes which I can fill and wack down. It has been a good 7 - 8 years since it was topped up and as it has access to my next door neighbors house, it is looking a bit tired. Can I just lay the new stone chipping on...
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    size of notched trowel for porcelain tiles

    Many thanks Vinn I will ask ref the grey adhesive.
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    size of notched trowel for porcelain tiles

    Hi, I am planning to tile the floor and walls of my bathroom. Can anyone advise on the depth of the adhesive for the floor and walls. What size notched trowel should I use for the wall and floor? The tiles are 11mm thick. I have already tanked etc and the adhesive will be BAL maxiflex...
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    Schluter ditra matting

    Hi, Can anyone help? I have purchased an Impay aquadeck wet room shower tray former for my wet room. I have also purchased their decoupling membrane that I will be fitting over the tray and all around the showering area. I have schluter ditra matting for the remainder of the bathroom floor...
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    all the way to the floor bath waste fitting

    Hi, I am looking at 'all the way to the floor' baths on the internet. Can anyone explain how you go about fitting the waste under the bath? Do you need to buy a waste that you can secure from above, a bit like a shower waste? The only way I can see of fitting a conventional waste is to lift...
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    Wet room flooring advice

    Hi, I am about to start buying material for a wet room. The room will be on the second floor. I have lifted the flooring and now have just the joists. I was going to go with 18mm Marine ply and then overlay this with 6mm tile backer board. I was then going to tank the whole area including...
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    Tiling onto 25mm ply

    Hi. I have removed the flooring in my bath room and have layed 25mm WPB ply down. I have sealed the underside and the edges of the ply and screwed the ply at 50mm centrs. I will be laying tiles directly to the ply in a wet room. Should I seal the ply before I lay the tiles or will the flexi...
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    Grant central heating pump

    Many thanks oilhead. I should have known..
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    Grant central heating pump

    I have an problem with the pressure control box on my pump. A recent visit from my usual service engr caused damage to the control switch on the black box causing damage to the plastic switch and the internal copper armateur. He has said it was not him. I can fix it if I could either replace...
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    Tiling bathroom floor over 25mm PLY

    Hi, I am about to tile my upstairs bathroom and have removed the original floorboards. I was going to use 25mm ply and lay on top of the ply. I have read a load of posts on this and other sites and each gives different advice. Is it okay to lay directly on top of ply. I will be using flexi...
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    Laying new floor where there was uneven parquet

    I had the same problem in my house about 8 years ago. I put latex floor leveling compound down, straight on top of the bitumen and I have had no issues thus far.
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    Wide internal door threshold (moved from Your Projects)

    A nice stone tile or slate would cover the thresh hold and also tie the two floor coverings together..
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    Parquet panic

    I would remove the lot and put some floor leveling compound down and lay the new floor covering when dry.
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    Sealing 25mm WBP ply

    Many thanks Paul.
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    building block wall

    Thanks noseall, I will be webbing it into the existing wall and also over the door and in to the adjacent wall with a small lintel. It will only be going as high as the first floor...