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    Chimney Removal from ground and first floor

    I did a loft conversion on the same style house. Initially we had builders remove chimney to loft leve, loft stack where supported on 10 mm steel plate and some 10x4 timber maybe. When i did the loft i removed to roof line. The rest of the stack is supported on a flinch beam. 100 steel plate...
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    Extension 2 storey.

    Access to their guttering would not be possible if I build and get permission to build the style I want. Who's issue would that be??? As currently they can access the gutters if neighbour is friendly
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    Extension 2 storey.

    Only from where their gutter is almost on the boundary so at the bottom off the wall it is set back giving a gap between the boundary line and their wall. When I did my conversation I deliberately didn't go to the party wall so I could walk up the roof and tend to the side walls with out going...
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    Extension 2 storey.

    We are looking at a house with plans to extend double out back and loft if possible. Hip gable conversion However one house we are really interested in next door has a double extension so we are likely to get planning but my issue is they are on their own land with the gutter almost on the...
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    Any site that have recommened tradesmen on??

    At the weekend we had a pipe burst upstairs. We had an assessor round today but basically said they would only replace/repair water damaged items.He did comment on getting 2 quotes and sorting things out myself, now the preferred option as we cannot afford half a kitchen. So i could save money...
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    Chimney Stack Removal

    the option i took was leave stack on roof but installed an A frame flitched beam seem to recall 150mm x 10mm steel plate between 150x50mm timber and a 8mm rod between the ends at joist level
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    Porch and front Door

    Managed to get through to them!! and the route i will take is Move door to front wall but this will require lintel and bigger opening. This means i get a decent size front door fitted. During decorating i will insulate walls and floors. warming up room until I open the front door ( or just...
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    Porch and front Door

    Currently getting to a finishing stage of a loft conversion ( bloody long time but hay ho) in the front room where the stairs currently enter I need to put a fire door, but at the same time i am intending to increase/fit insulated k17 boards to the front wall. to warm room up My biggest loss...
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    emptying radiator for new antifreeze

    My meriva did have a drain on the drivers side lower hose
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    Rover 45 TD Power steering pump leak

    having built the pumps from factory ( read further development etc) No The leak is from the rear seal in the ally cover there is a coupling on the rear that drives the water pump the does not part company with the shaft without destroying it. then you need to get hold of a seal
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    obdII sockets

    google paper clip test for the older corsa or brake test i know i have posted before
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    Will this car pass it's MOT?

    I was under the impression it was more a value thing ie 2 cars same make model but one is 5 years old and one is 10yrs old both sustain the same damage but the older is cat C and the newer could be a cat D or Cat D and a repair
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    Manhole in Patio

    i have one where the slabs sit inside so not to obvious
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    vauxhall zafira diesel engine light comes on then goes off

    have you tried the brake test as that also tell you fault code incase the reader not working
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    vauxhall combo 53 plate engine light

    good old vauxhall have a Brake Test which will give you the fault codes stored in the ECU save the code reader With keys out of ignition - press both brake & accelerator pedal at same time and keep them pressed to the floor.... insert key and turn to 2nd click - ignition on but DONT START...
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    Asda engine oil on offer.

    Vauxhall changed the oiil offer now trade club price £14 for 5w30 long life fully synthetic worth joining the VXON for the trade club just serviced my Zafira and genuine Vauxhall was the cheapest place to get the bits beating Local motor factors and beat ebay
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    wheel bearing gone again,and again

    as for big torque wrench stand on a standard ratchet. quick calc torque / your wieght eg 320Nm/100kg = .032m you then stand 0.32m from center of bolt
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    Alloy wheel deep scratch :-( What to do?

    Top tip when refurbed. Try wider tyre if on a 205 go to 215 Look for a tyre with a good rim protector on i used goodyear gsd3 but look around AlloyGator rim guard never used them but a college does as does the local funeral parlor
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    Best way to chase cables in?

    not sure if what i did was right, but i the wall to fit some trunking the just skimmed over the top. fitted a brushed facial and fused spur at top and run cables up the trunking (split)