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    Scantronic 9448+ how do I switch off permanently?

    We have a Scantronic 9448+ that we inherited when we moved to our current property many years ago. We have never set it in that time, but on the odd occasion there is a powercut/trip it sounds either inside or out in the common landing (doesn't seem consistent with what it does tbh - battery...
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    Bosch induction hob smallest sized pot that works?

    I have a Bosch PWP631BF1B induction hob, and the instructions give a suggestion for the largest size diameter on each ring. Any idea the smallest that will be detected?? :unsure: I am trying to buy a coffee moka pot, and the small size is only 65mm which I suspect may not work. I don't have...
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    Step ladder damaging floors - help!

    Had a step ladder for a while and unfortunately the plastic foot inserts at one side have eventually broken, leaving the bare metal edge: This is damaging some of the wooden floors at home, unless I use a metal sheet underneath (which is a pain to remember, keep moving around etc). Any idea...
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    Anyone recognise this door intercom phone?

    I think you are right - its either a STATUS or the URMET which look pretty similar. The only difference with mine is that it doesn't have green/red LEDs (which is presumably what the small connector block on some images is for? mine doesn't have them). Am I right in thinking then any universal...
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    Anyone recognise this door intercom phone?

    Looking to replace the below device, but there are no obvious model Ids on it, but possibly the brand logo is a capital E on top of a handset (bottom R of first image): I am reluctant to fully take the thing off the wall at this stage, as the wires are very short and would all need to be...
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    Bay window curved batten - what material?

    Argh - this all seems overcomplicated for hanging a pair of curtains :confused:. The idea of replacing the L+P is not appealing, and would very much only be a last resort. Think I will need to create some holes to see exactly how far from the underlying stone I am (there are no obvious or...
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    Bay window curved batten - what material?

    Victorian flat and the north facing living room has a really cold bay window so the time has come for curtains. Above the windows is lath and plaster with a bit of a gap behind. I think eventually (maybe 12 inches) I can reach some sandstone to fix a batten to, but I have a few concerns.... 1)...
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    Flywheel needs replaced - how quick?

    typically only notice (feel through clutch and slight noise) when stopping and going into neutral.
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    Flywheel needs replaced - how quick?

    Got a Vauxhall Zafira and a slight vibration in the clutch was diagnosed as needing the flywheel replaced. Due to issues obtaining the parts, it may well over a month till it is fixed. We only have this car, and need to use it a few times a week for short trips. What sort of time frame am I...
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    Make small cellar floor more usable...

    the walls are dry, and I suspect it comes up from ground level (the 'cellar' is actually at the same level as the back garden, not sunken in any way). would that make a difference?
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    Make small cellar floor more usable...

    Looking for some advice on a tiny (1.8 x 1.3m) coal cellar below our property. At the moment it is used for holding a few garden chairs, BBQ, toys etc as the garden itself is a shared space. Right now it is compacted dirt, relatively dry but for example an old bike that was left in it over...
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    Shower mixer needing repainted...

    Is there any particular type of paint for the final coat though, given that it will be constantly wet/steamy, or is any spray suitable?
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    Shower mixer needing repainted...

    Hi, So I have a shower mixer that the paint has flaked off. This is the second time and initially it was replaced by the seller, but now is no longer stocked. Since it works with my pipe placements etc I plan to just refurbish the first one that I hung onto, but I need a steer for what paint to...
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