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    Party wall

    Solicitors talking rubbish anyway there awards not agreements, it is a legal determination by the surveyor(s), not an agreement between the parties. Ultimately you're responsible for the damages, the justifiable costs of the professional advice they have had to resolve the situation. Your issue...
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    Party wall

    In theory, yes, but if you cause damage to the neighbour and they sue you, your insurance could argue you didn't follow the law and sue you for any money that needs paying out and the court will look at you very unfavourably, in addition, it's important to note the PWA isn't a bad act, it gives...
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    Party wall

    Most of what woody has said is correct but there was a case very recently which isn't binding where it was determined if there is a dispute a notice never needed to be served for the party wall act to apply, and surveyors to be appointed as this is the way the act says disputes are resolved but...
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    What's a ballpark figure to resolve the issues on this home buyer's survey?

    I know its only a home buyer report but I'd always give a location where possible (plaster that sounded hollow). In addition the suggestion to price it up won't be entertained by the surveyor without a fee on a home buyer report it doesn't form part of the service, you can check what's included...
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    Field Software I tried them all, none ever were perfect so for certificates it...

    Field Software I tried them all, none ever were perfect so for certificates it Called Easy Gas Google Calander which was shared with the phone answering service and the website booking from 10-8 For phone Answering I used Best Reception they where friendly...
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    Is this pipework normal?

    In fairness it isn't the neatest work, and I wouldn't be happy with it but I would have made that clear and what I expected from the start if it functions, does its job as intended and as per the agreement they deserve to be paid, if you'd like it changed for something else they're entitled to...
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    Topfix fittings
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    Giving References

    5 years ago that was the case but most hosting providers use cPanel and most now let you install your own Cert, you can even generate them for free either autossl from cPanel or lets enrypt so zero cost and all modern browsers accept SLI which means you don't even need a dedicated IP Address so...
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    JCT Contracts

    Try this, is designed for domestic clients, pretty small contract never reviewed the JCT homeowners so not sure on its detail. Unless your staying in a hotel or renting another house while the works you're damaged for...
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    The Dreaded Saniflo

    My wife wants to install a downstairs WC and having looked at the locations and pipework accommodations without gunning out 6" of my ground floor (Concrete floor), I don't think it can be done. and this opens all sorts of issues about cost and DPM etc. I've worked on these contraptions and...
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    Why does utube use more power than TV?

    Probably processing power for the app, whereas the watching of TV is a programmed in sequence included within the general usage, the app will run on some form of interface (android?) which will require processing power as will the internet connection and the app its self, and power ratings...
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    Outbuilding - Building Regs?

    Just get an electrician to install the electrics and they can self certify
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    Running new water main into house above ground

    You could try something like at point of entry
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    Retrospective building regs?

    Some do, some don't it would depend on the wording, I can't see how it could be voided if you had to bring the council in to inspect new works as that is surely an unfair contract term you need approval for certain works but if your that concerned you could always try a private inspection company
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    Should I be complaining to my building surveyor?

    Wrong comment - What I was going to say is contact the company tell them your issues (in writing) and then they may provide you with evidence they couldn't get access to see what you can see maybe the previous owners had it full up... Don't assume the worse but I would complain and ask for...
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    Retrospective building regs?

    In which case, they are well outside the window for a section 36 enforcement notice, your only concern should be if something hasn't been done correctly as it costs you money
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    Retrospective building regs?

    when was the extension built?
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    Starting works before party wall award finalised

    I think you'll have to swallow the £450 for the survey it's like a more advanced schedule of condition and what's worth noting is if you had to deal with this after it would have cost you more. If you have dealt with all the issues you or the Building owner (BO) surveyor (Yours) can invoke...
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    Removing a conservative covenant using part (b) of section 610 of the 1985 property

    Approach Lloyds of London see if you can get an insurance policy to cover the possible enforcement would be on suggestion