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    Picture Rail on Stud Wall when Boarding/Plastering

    Take measurements of stud positions before boarding and skimming. You can then nail/screw into studs or simply use a gripper paste to attach to finished wall.
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    UPBC window loose

    Thanks RG. I'm not up on modern styles to be honest. Many years ago, mid 80's I think, there was a lot of re-modernisations going on in Liverpool. A house around the corner from me was having new windows installed and, because it was one of the birthday of one of the builders, they all...
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    UPBC window loose

    That was my first thought, the beading was on the wrong side. Sadly, for the OP, the whole window, and any others in the same way round, really needs taking out and reversing to the correct orientation. You may have problems with your insurance if burglars get in by removing the trim and glass...
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    What have you been doing today?

    Yes, Mrs M did mention something about that the other night . ;-)
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    Planning permission from Thames water for installing aco drain needed?

    As it's surface water I don't see a problem. Just ask them and if they say you can, then go ahead with it. If they say no, then you have saved yourself some sleepless nights, worrying that you may be caught out if they discover you had done it without permission.
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    Weep holes needed?

    If you have a DPC, (which you naturally should do), then the rendering can't go down to ground level without bridging the DPC. When people talk of weep holes, most imagine a small round tube. But you can now get slotted weep holes which nestle between the vertical mortar joints and are quite...
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    Tea towel solution

    And that's why you love hanging the tea towels up for Mrs Mottie. :rolleyes: :LOL::LOL:
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    What have you been doing today?

    I take it you couldn't find your superglue for the original trigger? With all repairs, the answer is, slowly, slowly, catchy monkey. :LOL::LOL::LOL:
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    Fitting gauge to oil tank?

    I thought about finding a way to do that to ours but, as we are renting, thought best not to tamper with the tank of fittings. Think I'll have a chat with my good landlord. (y)
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    Fitting gauge to oil tank?

    I used to use a brush pole. It's a rough guide and gives a good estimate of how much oil you have left. I found the problem was the oil would wick up the pole so it's not accurate if you want a definitive reading. I've now bought a 1metre aluminium rule and, because my tank is approximately 42"...
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    How to protect a switched socket

    Try some Sellotape/masking tape etc over the switch to begin with. If he pulls the tape off then you could consider an unswitched socket outlet. As a final resort, you could fit a lockable outdoor socket in it's place with a small padlock, (easy to snap open), or a couple of cable ties through...
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    Anyone heard of anything I can use to supplement my slabs over-hang?

    You will need to prop the channel in place for a few hours while the sealant sets. Just a couple of timber of the right length to slot in place overnight. Where you 'glue' it to the underside of the slab, run a thin bead along the out edge of the join so the water runs straight down and doesn't...
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    Anyone heard of anything I can use to supplement my slabs over-hang?

    I used a clear/opaque silicone sealant around a washbasin over 5 years ago. It's had kids swinging from it, adults leaning on it etc and it is still stuck firmly to the wall. I think it may have been from Everbuild. Was definitely suitable for sanitary ware and the washbasin is mounted on a...
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    Anyone heard of anything I can use to supplement my slabs over-hang?

    The U channel, fixed upside down under the slab lip, will cause the water to run down the front face of the channel and drip away from the wall, (unless the wind is in the wrong direction). The dirty water running between the slabs needs to be prevented, which means re-grouting with a waterproof...
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    Mountfield 1636H no drive

    Airlock? Possibly need bleeding?
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    Patio/Paving slabs over concrete base

    If raising the level close to/over the dpc level, you could leave a channel, (at least 4" wide), to a depth below the dpc and fill with gravel or pebbles to prevent splash back against the wall. But as Mike13 says, that floor looks as though something is/has heaved so I would want to rip it up...
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    What have you been doing today?

    BP can also be false if the arm cuff is not positioned properly. It should be past the crook of the elbow with the tube in line with your inner forearm. You should be able to get two fingers under the cuff before inflation. And it's best if you put it on your bare arm, not over clothing. Mine...
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    Do you fancy having 7 wheelie bins?

    We've got two general waste and one paper/plastic recycle one. Glass, (the most recyclable thing going!), has to go in the general waste in case someone cuts themselves at the recycling depot. This was the reason I was given after an inspector called, (unannounced), to inspect my recycle bin one...
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    Scottish Power Old Non Smart Meter Replacement Question.

    The CAB says otherwise. Have a look at the link I posted. (sorry, that sounds a bit terse. It isn't meant to be)
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    Scottish Power Old Non Smart Meter Replacement Question.

    No, just keep refusing to have a smart one installed. However, you may be limited on what tariffs you can access.,hard%20to%20access%20all%20tariffs.