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  1. gigz

    Alec Baldwin

  2. gigz

    I take it all back

    How has brexit affected you ? Curious.
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    So many 'Dont's'!

  4. gigz

    So many 'Dont's'!

  5. gigz

    Anyone noticed anything missing?

    Well in my opinion (which means ziltch, same as yours) it always comes down to money (y)
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    What did you have at your childhood home that you dont have now in your current home?

    A black and white TV with a wired remote control. And the redifusion radio switch in the kitchen. Fk me I’m old.
  7. gigz

    Anyone noticed anything missing?

    In your opinion.
  8. gigz

    Notice of intended prosecution

    Haven’t read all the replies but surely if the driver of the other car was plod he would get done for leaving the scene of an accident so they’d be mental to push the matter further :unsure:
  9. gigz

    Spate of Attacks on Gay People

    The gay community have fought for their rights but some of them will knock this back years with some of the depraved antics they were getting up to, especially as it was done in front of young kids:mad:
  10. gigz

    Spate of Attacks on Gay People

    I’m all for live and let live but some of the perverted prancing i seen online was disgusting. If straight people did the same in public they’d be arrested. Nothing to be ashamed of about being gay, but also nothing to be proud of the way some of them went on (It was a minority i’ll add).
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    Out of interest was he from Hartlepool ?
  12. gigz

    Celebrities you find annoying?

    Piers Morgan and that lefty prick Kevin Maguire are my top 2 in a VERY long list of self important egotists :mad:
  13. gigz

    Tories Are Gone.

    That chart doesn’t show great support for BOJO :unsure:
  14. gigz

    Dangerous stupidity.

    I did a speed awareness course a while ago and they told me they prosecuting more and more using dashcam footage as evidence, even for speeding.
  15. gigz

    Lack of Black faces at Glastonbury

    We all know it exists (all over the world) but in Britain not to the extent people like LH would have you believe.
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    What’s happening to our country

    Why do some feel the need to deflect by saying “well white people do it as well”? We all know they do but two wrongs don’t make a right. Everyone should be up in arms about these rape squads and should be lobbying the government to get each and every one of them deported (obviously the ones not...
  17. gigz

    The real reason for the push-out of Smarty-pants meters?

    I’m not a gambling man but I’d risk my house that the reason they’re pushing smart meters is that someone (or maybe more) in the government has shares in the meter companies (or in the manufacturing of the meters).
  18. gigz

    Lack of Black faces at Glastonbury

    Not that many white faces at rap concerts but we don’t bother whingeing about it like that unfunny tawt :rolleyes:
  19. gigz

    Another One Brewing.

    Play stupid games, end up dead. Or just comply and if innocent then go home to your family. Its a good method.
  20. gigz

    Which ring doorbell ?

    My brother wants a ring doorbell but his front door is is on a public path (straight out of his front door onto the path) so he wouldn’t want it going off every time anyone walks past but would still want it to record as it’ll pick up his car. Also he has an Alexa so instead of buying a chime...