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  1. Rob

    EP2002 wiring to hive 2 help!

    The EP isn’t a standard back plate so for the sake of £60 get a professional to do it
  2. Rob

    Potterton Performa 28 problem and BG diagnosis/recommendation

    Not anymore but still pretty local. Happy to take a look next week, just send a PM
  3. IMG_0456


  4. Rob

    Economy 7

    Ok John. Thanks for your advice :LOL:
  5. Rob

    Economy 7

    Various reasons. 36x18 yes So what about that economy 7 then....
  6. Rob

    Economy 7

    Replacing a twin immersion cylinder later in the week. The top entry one is boost and the bottom one is E7. They're fed from separate FCUs - no timer control. Plan on installing just a top entry immersion and a proper E7 and boost combined timer. How does E7 exactly work? Can I just install...
  7. Rob

    wiring honeywell 2 port valve

    Or save yourself £60 and just fit an anti gravity valve
  8. Rob

    Megaflo and Central Heating

    megalfos not really any different to a normal cylinder when it comes to filling. Just add manual vents at all the hight points on a system.
  9. Rob

    Adverts on Mobile

    I know you said this was a problem before which was now resolved but this is all I ever get when viewing on the mobile. iPhone 5s with latest updates. Thanks
  10. Rob

    Worcester 240 RSF Combi Pilot light doesn't light

    Not allowed to give gas advice on the forum
  11. Rob

    West London gas engineer needed to fix E4 fault on Remeha Avanta 28c

    Why not just call Tony first off? Parking looks a bItch?
  12. Rob

    New Forum Help Emojis

    Boring :sleep::sleep::sleep: Is anyone from the site going to answer my question(n)
  13. Rob

    Yeah I'll transfer the money over tonight or tomorrow morning..

    Couldn't agree more. Had a few recently that wanna pay via bank transfer One woman took a month to pay for a boiler, another took two days after telling me she'd do it as soon as she puts kids to bed that evening Another would do it straight away as soon as I sent invoice but I had to send a...
  14. Rob

    New Forum Help Emojis

    Well I didn't draw them did I o_O
  15. Rob

    New Forum Help Emojis

    My emojis
  16. Rob

    New Forum Help Emojis

    2011 on Apple stuff
  17. Rob

    New Forum Help Emojis

    Twenty to one in the morning and Ive got nothing better to do :(:(
  18. Rob

    New Forum Help Emojis

    ⛵️⚓️✈️✊☝️✋✌️ Ok so just typed in 250 emojis above and these are the only ones that show up
  19. Rob

    New Forum Help Emojis

    I prefer these ones :( Still not working (n)