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    What Checks Do You Do When Finding a Tradesman?

    Do you have any go to checks to ensure you get good value and high quality work done by other professionals? What credentials and background checks do you do? Do you give any weight to local Facebook group recommendations? How do you check for a fair price and decide on who to get a quote from?
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    Damp damage to outside wall?

    Any suggestions for fixing? Will likely call in a professional. We are thinking of selling - would it be in poor taste to leave this to the buyer?
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    Damp damage to outside wall?

    External wall damage on sloped drive. Likely caused by water? Effervescence on another wall too. Advice? Repoint? Other?
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    Replacement Curtain Pole Bracket? No longer made?

    Anyone know where I can replace these ceiling brackets for my dorma curtain pole? I can't find them anywhere. Trying to avoid drilling into the roof again so was after the same kind.
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    Tools and Materials to Replace Part of Boiler's uPVC Condensate Pipe.

    It looks like there is some clear silicone on the outside of the pipe. If solvent welded should this be there?
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    Tools and Materials to Replace Part of Boiler's uPVC Condensate Pipe.

    What would I replace the rubber part with? Although if that isn't the issue I'm inclined to leave it in place.
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    Tools and Materials to Replace Part of Boiler's uPVC Condensate Pipe. Is this the correct alternative?
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    Recurrent Carpet Beetles?

    Dyson. Once per week. Used Rentokil's Carpet Beetle powder.
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    Tools and Materials to Replace Part of Boiler's uPVC Condensate Pipe.

    Got a leaky joint in my uPVC condensate pipe. Can anyone advise on the size of pipe and joints I need to buy? Where can I get them? Which cutters and solvents/glues work best?
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    Recurrent Carpet Beetles?

    We had carpet beetles last summer after moving in. We put some treatment down but got the odd one or two afterwards. They disappeared after summer and now have made a come back. As we have an old dormer it may be difficult to seal every crevice they could enter the property via. Anyone had a...
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    Fence Leaning. Uncertain of Responsibility.

    I have a leaning fence. Neighbours seem to think this is my responsibility and have asked me to get it done. I have nothing of it on my deeds. In fact no boundary responsibility is marked on them. Do I accept this? Is it cheeky to ask them to split the cost (given that they may be right about...
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    Weed Solution for Weeds between House Walls and Tarmac Drive?

    Hi all I try to avoid weed killer but it's literally impossible to effectively stop weeds growing between my tarmac drive and house wall or slabs and house wall. They simply break off partway down the stem so the roots and remaining stem remain when I try to pull them up. I wondered if anyone...
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    Berber / Hardwearing carpets?

    Hi all I'm hoping to sell my first home next year but the carpets have been down for 20 years +. They are berber. I got a quote for hall, stairs, landing, and 3 bedrooms (one is pretty large 5 x 5 m). It came to £1000 for a cheap looking Saxony. The fitter wasn't keen on selling me berber...
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    (Water?) Marks on Wood?

    Hi all Will a water based primer solve this issue when decorating or will I need to take other steps? Cheers
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    Recommended Carpet Knife?

    Hi all Is it worth spending a bit more on a knife to lift all the carpets or will a £5 Stanley suffice? I also need to cut around some built in furniture that was installed after the carpet? Cheers
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    Filling Ceiling Cracks?

    Hi all Not looking to plaster this year but could anyone recommend the best way to fill cracks like these prior to painting? Not ideal but will do in the short term. Cheers
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    Decorating before Sale ... Extent?

    We're planning on moving house within around a year. Carpets need replacing and walls need painting as a minimum. There are a few walls that would benefit from plastering and outdoor fencing would ideally be replaced. However, I am wondering if this would be worth incurring the cost of if we...
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    Unblocking inaccessible drain.

    Any tips for unblocking the underfloor pipes which the bath/shower/basin drain into? All the accessible parts are clear as far as I can tell. Many thanks
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    Two Discharge Outlet Pipes into One?

    Hi (outlet pipe image). I recently got a dishwasher which I need to connect to the washing machine's waste pipe. The two pipes will fit in together if pinched a little but I'm assuming I am better off going for for one of these options? Can Anyone...
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    Water Rockets - Where to Source PVC Pipes?

    No - the same I believe. Perhaps I'm using the wrong terminology.