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    Does this oil pipe need bonding?

    Hi all, Recently had an oil boiler moved to make space in the room, the plumber that did it insisted that the oil pipes need bonding however I'm not so sure. Property has TT earthing. My understanding was that pipes generally only need bonding if they are extraneous, i.e. are metal and run...
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    Atag boiler seems to ignore set flow temp

    Hi all, I've got an atag IR24 conventional gas boiler. Recently due to the warmer weather, I turned down the set CH water temp to 70⁰C rather than the 80⁰C we set it to for the winter (might seem high but we need it fairly high as the rads are on microbore pipe and don't get hot quickly enough...
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    Best LED Lamp/ Dimmer Combo

    Recently used a V Pro paired with Philips warm glow lamps, no flickering or buzzing and they dim nicely, however it does take a second or two for them to actually switch on, not a problem with the lamps, have tried various lamps they all take a while to come on
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    Smoke alarm placement

    Hi all, I'm helping my friend do up an old house he bought a couple months ago and obviously we need to have mains powered smoke detectors installed. I'd just like to ask a couple of questions about the type we need and their placement. Firstly the upstairs landing is literally about 1m^2 and...
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    Using kingspan/celotex in place of fibreglass insulation in a loft

    Yes I'm certainly aware that it's expensive! I would have just gone for soft insulation and loft legs and just cope with a small amount of headspace but he (and the Mrs) are pretty set on wanting to use board insulation. We could go up to 120mm as that's the joist width but it seems harder to find.
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    Using kingspan/celotex in place of fibreglass insulation in a loft

    Hi all, I'm helping a friend renovate an old house he bought and our next project is to insulate a loft that will be used for storage after replacing the ceiling. There is limited headspace up there, so to maximise usability we were planning on using kingspan/celotox type insulation board in...
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    Landlord electric test C1 situations???

    Have you paid him? If not, don't pay him a penny. That report is absolutely ridiculous no testing at all appears to have been carried out as the circuit sheet is blank and there's no way all of those items can be a C1. Out of interest could you post a pic of your consumer unit?
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    Earth connected to live

    I don't believe for a second that any electrician would do what's been done in that picture. As others have suggested it could be the homeowner attempting to steal electricity and getting it wrong, and then trying to blame the electrician. Either way, someone is definitely trying to pull a fast one.
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    Extension to outsde shed.

    It is not clear whether or not you are planning to put a 13a FCU next to the socket you will be taking a spur from, and then feeding the shed from that FCU? It is important to do so so that you don't overload that point on the ring. It will of course mean you are limited to a total of 13a in the...
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    Outdoor wiring. 4 cables from flicker, 3 cables in new floodlight.

    You should use a connector block to terminate and secure the unused live wire.
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    Outdoor wiring. 4 cables from flicker, 3 cables in new floodlight.

    It looks like the old floodlight could either be operated manually by a switch or automatically by the sensor. Therefore you have a permanent live, a switched live, a neutral, and an earth in the 3core+earth cable. The new floodlight only has one live connection, so it will only switch on...
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    Recommendations for an external double socket

    It's a good idea to have a double pole switch inside to isolate power to the socket in case it fills up with water or something which would trip the RCD, so you can switch it off until its repaired and reset your RCD. In an ideal world it would be nice to run a circuit to the socket from an RCBO...
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    Recommendations for an external double socket

    Consider the two types of fault an RCD trips for. A 30mA RCD will actually usually trip at around 23mA but the socket RCD and house RCD will trip at slightly different values, so the one with a lower value would trip first if you have a small leakage fault (such as water between live/neutral...
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    Recommendations for an external double socket

    No, there is no point at all having an RCD socket if the circuit already has RCD protection. It is just one more thing to go wrong and annoying to have to reset each time before use. I have the BG one and it's good, yes the clips are tight but they need to be to keep it waterproof. Edit: It is...
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    Hot tap instalation

    You are right in thinking there is a possibility of too much load if you connect the tap to either of those FCUs, especially the plinth heater one. If the FCUs are on a ring final circuit (or any other appropriate circuit) you could add another FCU by either spurring off the feed/supply side...
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    Shed Electrics

    The electricians plan certainly sounds sensible. Although he refers to taking a supply from the main CU it would be better to supply the shed from a switch fuse (also non RCD) as this would provide discrimination from the protective devices presumably to be installed in the shed.
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    Atag boiler short cycling

    Also if that one is appropriate, should I use any of the fancy speed settings or just stick to the constant speed settings?
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    Atag boiler short cycling

    I see the bit about 6m head. Are you saying not to get a grundfos one or just not the 50 model? I saw this one on screwfix, only looking at screwfix in particular as I can possibly get it done tomorrow and report back...
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    Atag boiler short cycling

    Fair enough I will do that, should I go for an exactly equivalent replacement? Also if that doesn't help whats the next thing to look at?
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    Atag boiler short cycling

    Actually I should mention when I set it to the 2nd or 1st speed settings the motor sometimes makes a buzzing sound as if it is trying to start up but can't, this only happens if it has stopped completely before trying to start, and I will get going eventually. Fastest speed setting does not do...