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    How do you measure a radiator ?

    How do you measure a radiator, ready to change it to a new double one ? Last year I decided to change a towel rail so measured centre of pipe to centre of pipe thinking this was correct. The plumber had actually said it's a 600mm rail, but as he hadn't actually measured it, I assumed he was...
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    How can I add a drawer to a 'non drawer' base unit

    Sadly not .. they were on an 'end of line' sale I was thinking like a drawer attached to the underside of the worktop, which when closed would lie behind the normal door, just not sure if this type of thing is available
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    How can I add a drawer to a 'non drawer' base unit

    We recently bought new kitchen units, which we had fitted but unfortunately none came with drawers. (obviously, we never thought about it at the time and just ordered plain base units) We'll manage to store most things without any problems, but really it would be nice to have at least one...
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    Extending waste / water supply to dishwasher

    So you are saying .. water supply .. one long pipe waste, OK to extend thanks .. will do that
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    Extending waste / water supply to dishwasher

    We recently bought a dishwasher, which was installed just before Christmas, but now we need it moved to the location it was destined for. Neither the waste nor the water supply pipe are long enough, but I see these are available online or in the likes of Screwfix. Do I just need to buy...
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    Is there a special way to hang a corner wall unit ?

    thank you for your message .. I agree 100% regarding the wall bracket We tried with the original brackets and after an initial wrong measure managed to get everying sorted. Didn't add the filler panel, so removed it and did the filler, now all OK Next time I fit a corner unit .. 10 years time...
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    Is there a special way to hang a corner wall unit ?

    We had a kitchen fitted just before Christmas, which seemed OK but we (well, wife really) have decided that we could fit in another wall unit. It's just a 600mm blind corner unit. Is there a knack in hanging these ... the unit it will join too, already on the wall will obviously need...
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    Mist coat or PVA primer on New Plaster .. Before painting

    :):) So mist coat (matt white plus water) is my route now .. thanks !
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    Mist coat or PVA primer on New Plaster .. Before painting

    I have had my kitchen replastered so now it is time to paint. Some folk say, even the plasterer .. PVA and water mixed should be painted on the ceiling and walls first, but others say a thin watery emulsion mix is best. If the latter, thin paint .. is it Ok to use kitchen paint / water mix, or...
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    Newbie .. about to tile kitchen splashback

    I am about to try tiling a splashback, having only tiled once before (10+ years ago) I've watched a few YT videos so think I know what to do, but there are so many brands of adhesive available, from well-known names to own brand names. I'll be using 200 x 100 ceramic tiles and think ready...
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    Is this batten light Ok for central wires ?

    I want to replace an old fluorescent light fitting with the following :- Does this allow the wire to come in at the centre of the light, or is the connection at the end .. if at the end, this will be no good, as the...
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    New kitchen sockets .. SP or DP ?

    Which brands would you class as 'quality brands' .. going to look in Tool Station and Screwfix
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    New kitchen sockets .. SP or DP ?

    I am buying new double sockets to replace the previous ones after a kitchen refurb, before the electrician comes tomorrow I thought it would be a simple task, just pick the colour and that would be it. I see there are SP and DP options for most, if not all sockets. I did a quick search on...
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    Kitchen worktop 150mm proud of units .. will that look OK

    Do you have to end the kitchen worktop at the edge of the base units ? My wife suggested having a slight overhang at the end .. 100-150mm Would this look OK ?
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    Best way to narrow a 'flat pack' kitchen base unit

    That sounds a great idea .. never really thought of that approach.
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    Best way to narrow a 'flat pack' kitchen base unit

    I have a 500mm base unit that I need to fit into a 400mm space. What is the best way of doing this (it's still flat packed) Perhaps fit one side together as normal (bolts and dowels) but use the wee corner blocks, or would 1" x 1" timber run down the corners be better. thank you
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    Replacement Cover for Standard Round Bathroom Light

    Does anybody know where I can buy a replacement cover for a standard round bathroom light please ? this light here ..
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    FireAngel Smoke & Heat Alarms

    Do these alarms need a separate base, or do they come complete please ? I want the HW1-R and SW!-R alarms On the Toolstation website, bases are sold separately, meaning total would be .. £2.99 (x2) plus £16.49 plus 10.99 On Screwfix there is no mention of a base, and prices are £12.99 and...
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    Replacing old Fluorescent Lights with LED batten

    Thanks .. I'll not be installing the lights, a friend is an electrician, so he'll be doing it.
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    Can you replace an integrated dishwasher with 'normal' dishwasher

    I have a rental property, which was previously our home. It had an integrated dishwasher, which seems to me, just a dishwasher with a matching cabinet door screwed to the front. Anyway, this dishwasher is no longer working, but getting a new replacement door may be a problem, so I was...