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    Bathstore Scuro Towel Radiator - Supplier

    Does anybody know where Bathstore get these from? I did manage to locate their supplier for alot of the bathroom stuff, a company called RAK, about 50% cheaper. Hoping I can locate the supplier for the towel radiators.
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    Power from 10 Way Boiler Junction Box

    LED string lights would be 600mA
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    Power from 10 Way Boiler Junction Box

    Thanks for the reply, yes, I realised that after I wrote the post. It is already fed from a 3amp fused outlet, which is next to the boiler in the kitchen. The junction box is in the airing cupboard upstairs as this is where all the diveretor valves etc are.
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    Power from 10 Way Boiler Junction Box

    Would it be acceptable to take power from a 10 way bolier juntion box to power a set of LED string lights? It is the closest power source to where I want to put the lights and would be a quicker and easier job that coming off the lighing circuit. I would hard wire it into a 3amp fused outlet...
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    Standard lining paper and pasting the wall paste

    I would recommend not scimping on the paper, in the grand scheme of things the saving is not enough to risk the chance of a rubbish finish. I can highly recommend Erfurt Wallrock Fibreliner Wallpaper White 550mm x 10m, I used this recently, using paste the wall, my first time also and it was...
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    Dulux trade supermatt watering down

    Trade paints are basically more concentrated versions of the same paint you would buy in the big sheds. So that is why they are more expensive and call for a greater dilution factor. I generally find them to go much further and produce a similar job to the cheaper alternatives.
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    Basement Retaining Wall Paint Defect

    Looks pretty damp, judging by the green on the steps and the bubbling is build up of salts washed from the stonework. You might be on a hiding to nothing as unless the damp egress is sorted, it will do the same again, however that is likely to be 10's of years of deposit. I have done something...
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    Paint coming off wall in patches

    You would only need to remove the chimney to just below roof height, probably about £800 including repair of roof after. But fair point about people wanting wood burners etc these days. I have used basic B&Q Paint and Varnish remover for pretty much the same job, paint it on, leave to bubble and...
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    Advice for painting dark colour up to white ceiling

    Get an angled cutting in brush, revelation the first time I did cutting one with one of them. Take your time and practice, you will not get it perfect first time and any over painting can be over painted and done again. Alternatively, get your self some yellow fog masking tape, it has a special...
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    Exterior woodwork

    Depends on the level of finish you desire. If you want to get a really smooth finish, then best to strip back the paint to the wood work, chemical or burner, but watch out for potentially lead based paints in older layers. You will be able to spot it when burning as you get little grey blobs of...
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    Paint coming off wall in patches

    Looks like damp to me, the white crystals are salts being washed out of the plaster by the damp. Get a vent in the wall or even better get the chimney removed to below roof level if you don't ever use it, will stop the damp coming down the chimney for good. Looks like you potentially did not...
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    Cracking along plaster join when painting

    This can happen when doing a repair like this and when using ready mixed plaster, I would use some mesh tape over the cracks on the 4 sides and then 2 thin layers of the ready mixed plaster over the top. Smooth it to about 2-3 inches beyond the repair in all directions. Don't worry about getting...
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    No Damp Proof Membrane

    Thanks Woody, if you have damp clay soil and nothing to stop the moisutre transfering upwards, I would have thought that could be contributing. Otherwise, why do more modern houses with suspended floors have damp proof membranes and concrete laid on top of them? There are air vents but a...
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    No Damp Proof Membrane

    I hope that somebody can offer some advice so that I can decide if it is a job I can tackle myself or if I need to get somebody in, what I should be asking. I have a late 1940's semi-detached bungalow with a concrete suspended floor. In the last 2-3 years we have been getting damp issues in...
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    3 port valve - Pipe Sizes

    Should I be checking along with full length of both? I recently replaced the 3 port valve and the inside of the flow pipe at that end was coated with sludge. Could it just be a narrowing of the pipe, because the whole length is coated in the sludge? Thanks Andrew
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    3 port valve - Pipe Sizes

    I have a vented fully pumped system, using a 3 port divertor valve, there seems to be plenty of heat in the pipe going to the hot water tank (120L tank) and the radiators are very hot to touch. However the hot water takes 2 hours or more to heat from cold, I don't think that this is how it...
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    Vent Pipe of F & E Tank Sucking Air

    I had a similar issue and turned the pump down to position 1, radiators still getting as hot, if not hotter as ther is no air getting into system. Worth a try. My system is also old, about 30 years and was always getting air into it. Thanks Andrew
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    Air in one section of radiators

    I have a problem with 3 of my 7 radiators, they are constantly filling with air and requiring bled on a daily basis. The other 4 do not ever require to be bled. It is a fully pumped vented system, Y plan. The 3 problem ones are all on the same run of pipe while the other 4 are on another run...
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    Polystyrene Slab Loft Insulation

    I am considering loft insulation options and I have access to a large quantity of 50mm polystyrene slabs which we receive at work. Usually these just get sent for recylcing as we do not have a use for them. I wonder if I could use these for loft insulation, but I am concerned about the...
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    wild weed

    Just check that one of the ingredients is glyphosate and do not buy ready mixed spray guns as the cost will be vast unless you are doing a very small area. Also do not be disheartened if it re-grows, if it does it will be weaker than before and just hit it again, you will win in the end...