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    Digital shower - shower pump

    I agree. I have a couple of Mira Platinums off a large shower pump. They are great (particularly compared to the Grohe Digital ones they replaced!) but if I was installing them from scratch I would go for the ones with inbuit pumps. I'd stick with Mira because I've been happy with them.
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    Why is the cold water in some city houses still tank fed?

    I live in a village, apparently surrounded by decaying water mains. We have "water cuts" several times a year while roads are dug up and mains are repaired. I know this because those of our neighbours who have converted to combi boilers or unvented cylinders post on the neighbourhood Facebook...
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    Magnaclean failed me, boiler got blocked so what's next?

    It's a system boiler, so internal pump. It's set at the lowest pump speed, so that return temperatures are low for maximum condensing operation.
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    Magnaclean failed me, boiler got blocked so what's next?

    I have no idea what causes it. Mine's a sealed system, with JG pex barrier pipe. The fact that the "flakes" (actually, they're more like crushed seashells) are black and magnetic means they must be iron, which must come from the radiators. But why they happen at all, and particularly why they...
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    Magnaclean failed me, boiler got blocked so what's next?

    I'm another person with a Viessmann Vitodens 100 (system boiler, not combi) who suffers from black magnetic flakes. The boiler was fitted at the same time as all new radiators, plastic pipes, plenty of inhibitor, and a filter. The system water runs clear. The hoses were replaced the first...
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    Bypassing Joist

    This is a situation where plastic pipe would come into its own. A long length of it could be threaded through as many holes as necessary, to go all the way from where it starts to where it's needed with zero joins.
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    Anyone notice the problem here?

    I edited my reply to include another example too.
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    Anyone notice the problem here?

    I bought an Ideal Standard bath about 10 years ago, which had the same problem with the tap holes. The fibreglass was much thicker on one side of the hole than the other, so there was no way that standard washers would have sealed. A few minutes with a sanding disc on an angle grinder fixed...
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    Plastic over copper ?

    Yes, I think this is the key point. Which is why I use brass compression fittings whenever I use plastic pipe - no rubber to deteriorate.
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    Heat only Vs System boiler Vs Combi (running costs)

    That sounds ideal. For reference, what combination of boiler / controls manufacturers (and models) do you use to achieve your setup please?
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    Warm air heating system

    That's a very well-explained set of reasons - fair enough. It goes to show that different people have different preferences, I guess...
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    Warm air heating system

    I agree. I grew up in a 1970s house with warm air heating. My parents still live there. Excellent system. Heats the house up from cold really quickly. No radiators anywhere.
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    DIY gas thread - I'm confused

    As you say, various news articles describe prosecutions of professionals who were qualified, but not competent. Which rather muddies the "competence must be proved by having qualifications" argument... If a gas appliance has been installed / repaired perfectly, then it's impossible for anyone...
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    Has this been carried out properly?

    Thanks for taking the trouble to share your experiences (y). It's very good to hear directly from someone like yourself who obviously has such a lot of practical knowledge.
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    Has this been carried out properly?

    Could you explain the "fallacy" bit please Gasguru? I have always been under the impression that a feed / expansion tank assures plenty of oxygen in the system water to feed the corrosion process. What am I misunderstanding? Thanks!
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    question about wiring for a Viessmann Vitodens 100-W

    If it's a 4-pipe system boiler, its internal diverter valve should be in operation, and not the external Y-plan one. If it's plumbed as a 2-pipe boiler, I think (but someone qualified should verify this) that the internal diverter's electrical connector should be unplugged, and the external...
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    Boiler Sizing and Modulation

    The heat loss you have calculated is, I think, at a nominal outside temperature near freezing. So for the 95% of the days in the year when it's not freezing outside, your heat loss will be significantly less even than the figure you have calculated, and below that of *any* boiler.
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    Johnson and stanley j52-32

    The hot water boiler is separate (although in the same metal case) as the hot air heater. It is designed to have the pilot light on all the time, so that the burner can light when hot water is required. It's probably a gravity-circulating hot water heating system, so it would take hours to...
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    New central heating - could I ask for some help please

    I stand by my statement, but I have no desire to argue with such a respected, experienced, and helpful member of these forums as yourself. Best wishes.
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    New central heating - could I ask for some help please

    One of the advantages of warm air heating is (was!) the very quick warm-up from cold, compared to water-filled radiators.