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    Gas fire

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    CLASSIC! Megaflow with drain cock

    Hi Guys, Any thoughts on how to drain a megaflow without a drain cock? The bloody idiots who installed it years ago neglected to put one on and just put the inlet control set straight onto the inlet of cylinder!!!! Not to mention the cold PRV does not discharge into the tundish but goes...
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    Testing waste pipes

    hi Guys, I need to run a waste pipe from a macerator (no option and tried to talk them out of it!) from understairs and run along the joists in the ceiling and also run a shower waste from the upstairs bathroom along the same route. My problem is i cant fit the shower tray and toilet etc...
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    Replacement mixer shower with 60mm pipe centres

    Have you checked that the pipework is definately gravity for hot and cold? The last one of the those i worked on works on the venturi principle so the pipework you have is unbalanced supplies, the cold will be mains which pulls the hot gravity through giving a pretty deecent shower...
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    Polypipe Conduit Pipe

    Hi Charnwood, Yep, thats the stuff
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    Polypipe Conduit Pipe

    Thanks for the reply, apart from the pipe clips, which i was unaware of being available for the conduit pipe i already know all the items you have mentioned. I thought my question was pretty easy really, i just want to know does the conduit make the polypipe more rigid than polypipe without...
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    Polypipe Conduit Pipe

    Hi Guys, Has anyone used this in 15mm before? Just wondered as it is designed to go into a screed floor, does it lay flatter and more rigid than normally polypipe when rolled out? Just thinking of getting it to lay flatish and straightish before the floor is screed. Welcome any comments...
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    mains water pressure for new combi

    No more response then Tony!!
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    mains water pressure for new combi

    How do i not understand dynamic flow rate then? Read the post again and you will see that the ONLY outlet to the property is one outside tap that has been left live for the builders. Pretty hard to measure dynamic with no other outlets to open, unless you know something i dont?
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    mains water pressure for new combi

    Hi Guys, Just after some advice/clarification Customer wants a 42cdi installed for a house with two bathrooms. Most of the house is a new build extension, so when i went out the only water point was an outside tap that i rigged up for the builder to use during the work. I measured...
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    Shower water stops while in!

    Just a thought, have you checked your roof tank to ensure it is refilling ok? Could be that your ball valve is not working properly and you are draining the tank? worth a look me thinks :roll:
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    New Patio

    Hi, I am helping out the old man, who wants to remove his postage stamp area that is his lawn and lay a patio. as mentioned the area is quite small. Just after some pointers really, I would remove all turf with a shovel, and remove any weeds etc. The ground is really hard so dont think...
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    1.3m high shower screen

    Adrian, thanks for link, but page is not found, can you do again please. Looking for something as cheap as chips. It will never be used, as there is no head height for a shower, however, the custard wants one, so i have to find one!!!