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    Neff cooker hob relights when the gas is blown out

    Thanks, i think your right, just checked and my model has auto ignition according to bosch website, (which i assume is the same as part of the same group) Automatic Electronic Re-Ignition --In Case Flame Goes Out, the Burner is Automatically Re-Ignited Bit annoyed that Neff didn't tell me...
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    Neff cooker hob relights when the gas is blown out

    Just had our engineer round to do annual check, and he noticed that if he blows on the gas hob (i.e. blows out the fire on the hob), the gas hob will restart the ignition so that it automatically re-ignites the hob. He said this isn't supposed to happen. Any thoughts? is it an issue with the...
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    Bosch HBA63B251B install - electrician required?

    Currently replacing my existing Diplomat ADP3300 Oven with a new Bosch HBA63B251B and wondered if I need an electrician to do the install The fact I'm asking probably means I do. However, thought I should double check. My current Oven is connected via a 13 amp plug into a normal 3 pin...
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    Bosch Dishwasher which one?

    Been looking at bosch dishwashers and htere seems quite a few to choose from, narrowed it down to too.. SMS40C02GB (289) SMS53E22GB (339 with cashback) Seems like the SMS53E22GB is an older model, I can see it has more features and it has a heat exchanger (not sure what it does though)...
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    Scaleguard any good?

    Just got this leaflet in the post for scaleguard Does anyone have any experience on whether this product is any good? Also saw the below, looks like the same product but cheaper? Appreciate any advice or experience on these
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    Steel bath repair

    Just noticed that I have a very tiny chip in a steel bath and its started to rust (its about 1-2mm wide). Got the inlaws staying with me for about 5 weeks How quickly do i need to get this repaired?
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    Rust chip

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    Sanitary sealant for windows?

    Just noticed that in my bathroom I have pvc windows attached to a wooden frame, which condenses a lot and there is water that collects on the frame and some mould has appeared where the window meets the frame. I've cleaned out the mould with a fungicide, but was wondering what sealant should...
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    Issues with Bosch Pro 14.4v combi drill into concrete

    How would I stick the batten to the wall would I till not have to screw the Batton to the wall?
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    Issues with Bosch Pro 14.4v combi drill into concrete

    So if got go 15cm higher will I be able to get past the lintel, thereby saving me this Agro?
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    Issues with Bosch Pro 14.4v combi drill into concrete

    Its about 12-15mm through the wall at the moment. When I was drilling it was coming out with Grey dust (compared to another room where it was Red brick dust).
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    Issues with Bosch Pro 14.4v combi drill into concrete

    Happy to go out and get an SDS drill if that helps (but I only want to drill a few holes to fit a curtain pole so not sure if I will go out and hire a monster drill) Can I still drill through the lintel? If not, think I will go out a bit further and hope my existing 14.4 will be enough to...
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    Issues with Bosch Pro 14.4v combi drill into concrete

    Hi Cajar Yes it is hot when I pull it out (nearly burnt my finger off last night as I didn't wet my fingers) If it is a steel lintel, can I drill through it? or do I need to go further out? I'm drilling about 15cm (horizontal) from the left/right of the window and 10cm (vertical) from...
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    Issues with Bosch Pro 14.4v combi drill into concrete

    Hi there I have a bosch profession 14.4v combi drill, was trying to drill some holes in my external wall to fit a rawl plug to hang a curtain pole. I get in about half way and my drill won't get in any further. Instead all its doing now is making the existing hole bigger and taking off the...
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    Bathroom extractor fan goes into loft

    So having two bathrooms refitted and the builder put a ceiling extractor fan in each bathroom. The fan goes straight into the loft, however he's just told me that he can't vent the air to outside as there is not enought space under the eaves to fit an extractor fan outlet. He says it is...
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    Earthing steel bath

    Thanks for the help again, I was thinking about not doing it, but I was sent the installation guide from Bette and it points to an earthing lug to be installed. Should i get my builder to do it?
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    Earthing steel bath

    I know this may cause some issues, but I have just had a new steel bath implemented into my bathroom. The Bath sits directly above a downstairs toilet (which has two spots and an extractor fan installed) I was wondering if the bath needs to be earthered or not, the installer said no as...
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    Stuart Turner pump 22mm to 15mm pipework

    Spoke with ST earlier today they said you need 22mm pipework through out. However when i called salamander they said there house pump would work provided that the feed into the pump was 22mm and there was reducers on the output to turn it into 15m it would be ok. (would also need to put an...
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    Stuart Turner pump 22mm to 15mm pipework

    Hi there I brought a universal 4.0 stuart turner pump (based on advice from stuart turner) as I have a hansgrohe raindance shower head. Have been told by my plumber that this is too powerful as I only have 15mm pipework in the house. He's recommended that I buy a 2.0 twin bar positive...