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    Repurpose water pipe as gas pipe

    Ok. Is there going to be an issue connecting copper to the existing 22mm truewell gas pipe? Ps what is truewell?
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    Repurpose water pipe as gas pipe

    Hi there I've got a 22mm pipe that runs from the airing cupboard to a drain off outside for the hot water cylinder. Soon I want to get a combi fitted in this cupboard and for the gas supply to this cupboard I was wondering if this pipe could be used instead of running a new pipe. This pipe...
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    RCD trips when back of fridge touches copper CH pipes

    Would be nice for an update once resolved. Too many threads just seem to stop with no resolution.
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    mr central heating

    I bought a bunch of rads from these guys in Glasgow. When screwing in the valves no two matched. By that I mean some still had say 2 threads showing on the valve when tight and others the valve nearly disappeared inside the rad. One was so bad I had to flip the rad upside down and swap side...
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    Keep getting air in rads

    Boiler is on ground floor. Just a normal up stairs down stairs arrangement. Fernox added at time of filling up. The pipe is double walled Hep2o. Tried to light the "gas" with a lighter when bleeding and also collecting in an upside down cup and no flame or pop. How can air enter system with no...
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    Keep getting air in rads

    Hi folks About 2 months ago I replaced my parents heating system up to but not including the boiler. Basically, plumber came in fitted combi to old system then I came in and ripped out all the old rads and pipework. Anyway, piped system up using 22mm flow to a 22x15x15x15 manifold. one 15mm for...
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    Mains cable/Alarm cable in same conduit

    Thanks for reply I've a 100m roll of unshielded. I'm relocating the alarm panel from skirting level at front door to cupboard under stairs. the longest parallel run would only be about 2 meters Many thanks
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    Mains cable/Alarm cable in same conduit

    Hi there. If I were to run 12-15 Mains T&E cables in the same conduit as approx 10 6 core alarm cables is there a chance of false alarms as a result of capacitive coupling? If so are there any steps I can take to reduce the chances? Regards
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    Just to confirm

    Cheers thanks for that
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    Just to confirm

    Parents got a sparky in to add additional circuits and replace old wylex fuse box with modern metal CU. No certificate of any kind issued. This is in Scotland, is this correct?
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    When was this last done?

    Is it this stuff perhaps?
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    Annoying customers Top Ten

    Obviously your own kitchen doesn't measure up lol
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    electrician quote

    Is the garage insulated? The fridge freezer may defrost in the winter if its too cold. Check the climate class of the appliance. Better luck with a single freezer and single fridge rather than a fridge freezer
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    Sockets going live

    Also that consumer unit looks a mess. Not surprisingly going by how tiny the thing is!
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    Sockets going live

    Are the earth wires perhaps wired to the neutral bar perhaps? It's difficult to see 8n that picture. I'm not an electrician so can't give expert advice. I'm sure I don't have to tell you not to touch anything metal when the power is on. How are you testing for the earth being live? Is it with...
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    Intruder Alarm - will it go out if i turn electrics off?

    If the battery goes flat then most probably the alarm will sound when power turns back on. Like when there's a power cut in the area and you hear a bunch of alarms going off.
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    Replace back boiler with gas fire front with wood burning boiler stove. Possible?

    What tank do you have in the sitting room is it a full blown hot water cylinder or something? I can't get my head round how someone would fit any kind of tank in that room. You say upstairs so surely an airing cupboard in a bedroom would be the logical location?
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    Council contractor wants to replace conventional boiler with combi

    Get your own place then you can get what ever boiler you want. Then again you would be paying proper rent or a mortgage so would have to just put up with those mountain shaped radiators you speak of. Nah best to stick with your subsidised rent and a free boiler
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    Where to fit a CH Filter

    Hi there I'm thinking about fitting one of these filters this year during the yearly drain flush inhibit routine I have. the problem is I have virtually no easily accessible 22mm pipework. Only very small sections before it goes under the floor from the boiler. It's a Baxi Bermuda boiler with...
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    Help! DS40 has turned my HW green or brown!

    Is that what this is? 15m pipes Strangely the tank also has an immersion heater fitted. Steve