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    Cladding Photos and few questions

    Im about to start Cladding the top half of our house using Hardie boards. A few questions please does anyone have any photos of a house with all the battens on and fixed before the cladding has begun mainly around windows and doors? Fixings: The Batten will be using will be 25x50mm I was...
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    Moisture and Ice in loft

    The roof already has a dry Ridge System yes its s breathable membrane
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    Moisture and Ice in loft

    So weve had a new roof put on the house and over the extension about 3 Months ago. The Roof was fully stripped off and new membrane/Battens applied then new tiles put on. There were Fascia Vents all round the roof. Inside the loft there's around 300mm of insulation up there between the ceiling...
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    New system Multi-fuel Multi-Zone?

    So we are having a new heating system fitted in our house after weve had a large extension. About the house Its a large double storey L Shape with a single storey downstairs extension making the rest of the house a box(Will load a pic on so you can see its shape. The Utility room where the...
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    External cladding top half of house

    So our house has now had a large side and rear double storey extension build in blockwork the roof is on and windows about to go in. The external finish is to be cladding on the top half of the house and render on the bottom half. The renderer has been around and said as its quite a big job and...
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    Loft Insulation Difference between Top up and Base Layer

    Hi All Im insulating the loft of our new extension I am able to get hold of 200mm top up and also 100mm Top up insulation would this be ok to put down or do I need to install a base layer is this a must or would these two layers be sufficient
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    Steel beam bolt VS Joist

    I have a timber(7x2) now bolted into my steel beam and typical my joists are 300mm centres and one has lined up exactly on the middle of where my 75x220 joist will be going into a hanger. Is there anything that can be done here or is it just a case of moving a joist and increasing the spacing...
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    Joist Hanger

    Hi All, Im looking at my plans they spec 4x50x220 Joists around my staircase of which two of the connect and I will need to get a joist hanger for such but cant find a hanger for this size. forgive me if im reading the plans wrong. This morning the only joist hanger I could get in the builders...
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    Fascia and Soffits Suppliers Recommendations

    Thanks there's a Eurcocells near me in Colchester so will give them a call see what they have to offer
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    Fascia and Soffits Suppliers Recommendations

    Hi All In the next few months im going to be renewing the fascia's/Soffits on our current house and putting on new to our extension. Is there anywhere that people recommend for the materials. We have a few trade accounts setup with local Builders merchants but there discounts on there products...
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    Cavity Insulation Upgrade

    Architect has specified our build to have 100 Cavity with 50mm celotex and a 50mm air gap but ive managed to get 75mm celotex cheaper than the 50mm it is in 1.2mX2.4m sheets so presume it will need to be cut up to install. The wall would be 75mm Insulation and 25mm air gap would that cause any...
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    Crushed concrete or crushed Granite Type 1

    The plans state 150mm sand blinded hardcore, dpm then 100mm concrete, dpm 100mm Insulation underfloor heating pipes and then screed
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    Crushed concrete or crushed Granite Type 1

    Evening All, Im about to lay 150mm of hardcore for our extension floor base and have been asked if I need Crushed concrete Type 1 or Crushed Granite Type 1, this is then to have a sand binding over the top before dpm and concrete oversite is poured. Which one is the one to use or are both...
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    Inspection Chamber

    I did some research and found this picture online so was going to be similar setup to this. Excuse the chamber being around the wrong way It was just a photo taken to represent what ive got outside..
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    Inspection Chamber

    Afternoon All, Im installing a new inspection chamber and drainage to our extension. A few questions on on this and some photos also. The chamber is going to bed on some concrete(Its not level yet) and then backfilled around it with pea shingle. The chamber is quite a depth so to get the soil...
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    Do I understand this correctly?

    As some of you may have seen I located a drain and now my SE has given me a spec to ensure its supported in our foundation his description was as follows: As discussed, provide a 750x750 base to rear and bridge with a 600x600 ‘beam’ to bridge the drain and sit onto footing in front of the drain...
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    Structural Engineer out of Office

    Hi All, As I posted yesterday Ive located a Clay sewer in my foundations see picture below its not where it supposed to be. Today ive contacted my Structural Engineer to get his advice on what can be done with regards to the footings. From the top of the foundation to the top of the sewer...
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    Clay Sewer Pipe 56cm outside circumference

    Great thanks for the response that means I fall outside of submitting a build over agreement with Anglian as I fall within there guidelines. I will have to talk to our SE to ensure number 6)is followed also. But all the others are fine. If your proposed works comply with ALL of the below...