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    BT 631A onto extension wire.

    I've need to install a fall alarm for a relative. Should be straightforward. Unplug phone, plug phone into base station of alarm, plug alarm into BT master socket. Job done. But, the fall alarm wants all phones to be connected via base station, so that it can interrupt any calls in progress...
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    UVC cooling down very quickly

    Turn off cold mains overnight?
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    EvoHome zoning with S-Plan

    The thermostat(s) are bound to the controller, and the controller is bound to the relay. The controller combines the demands from each zone. So you can have upto the maximum 12 zones that Evohome can manage.
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    EvoHome zoning with S-Plan

    And if my ancient memory serves me correctly, priority hot water only works if you have opentherm.
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    EvoHome zoning with S-Plan

    If you have 1xBDR91 controlling the hw valve, and 1xBDR91 controlling the heating valve, you can keep your S-plan. In this situation you do not bind the 2nd BDR91 as boiler controller, but as a heating valve. You use the existing wiring through the valve microswitches to turn on/off the...
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    EvoHome zoning with S-Plan

    Yes you can. Though there are those that say you should convert to x-plan, which has a NO heating valve that closes when the hot water one opens.
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    Electric Garage Door not opening

    Tricky to tell from the photos, but are these fuse holders?
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    Flue gas water

    Presumably a typo, and you meant less than 55 degC?
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    Potterton suprima 50 red light

    One LED or two? Newer PCBs only have a single, multi colour, LED. On newer PCB hold reset button in for 10 seconds and count the flashes - 5=overheat, 2=ignition failure
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    Vented wastes

    I'd have a go with one of these. Solved a similar issue for me. Best £3.60 I've spent in ages.
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    Reliable dimmers

    Thanks for the suggestions. Varilight Pro installed, with Integral dimmable leds. Dimming works well, but only time will tell how reliable the dimmer (and the leds) are. And yes, there is a delay on switch on as a resulted of the documented soft start.
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    Reliable dimmers

    Has anyone found a reliable make of dimmers? The ones I have used in the past (Aurora I think) seem to fail too regularly. I'm also intrigued why some specify the maximum number of lamps, as well as a maximum wattage. I want to dim 15 g9 LEDs in a fitting, and some dimmers specify a maximum of...
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    ID These hinges

    I'm looking to replace these hinges (as they don't spring shut any more). Can someone advise on a suitable replacement. The range of hinges is so great the chances of me selecting the wrong one is quite high. They are the centre hinge for a pair of doors on a corner cupboard.
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    Threaded elbow wall plate

    Yes I think that would do, especially if available with 3/4" thread. Could then use one of these, and a bib tap. Might need to be spaced off the wall The other option I thought I'd was 22mm compression wall plate elbow, short length of 22mm pipe and a compression to female adaptor.
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    Hard wearing matt finish

    The wooden plinths in our kitchen were painted (sprayed) by the company who made the kitchen, but over time the action of a mop against them has rubbed off some of the paint back to bare wood. I'm going to get the paint colour matched, but was wondering on the best products for a matt finish...
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    Threaded elbow wall plate

    I'd like to install a bib tap which has a GEKA style connector on the inlet, as well as the outlet. My problem is all elbow wall plates seem to be either compression or end flow, and I need one with a female thread on the supply side. Am I hunting for something that does not exist, or just...
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    Writing Arduino Code

    There are numerous non-block delay libraries available - I'd be looking to use one of those. This article has some good explanations of different ways of achieving what you need, and suggests a library to use. Coding Timers and Delays in Arduino : 8 Steps - Instructables
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    Access to next door gas meter

    Is the isolation valve in there? Must be some implications if access is difficult
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    What have you been doing today?

    I mistakenly let one of my cucumbers grow and grow. Picked it yesterday and it weighed 1.3Kg
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    Lucky escape

    Title says it all.