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    HETAS Engineers a bunch of lying so and so's....

    Not true. Document J, 1.39. If a chimney has been relined in the past using a metal lining system and the appliance is being replaced, the metal liner should also be replaced, unless the metal liner can be proven to be recently installed and can be seen to be in good condition. Recently...
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    HETAS Engineers a bunch of lying so and so's....

    Well, 10 years on, no CO alarm activation, I am still alive, having just swept the flue for another warm winter. Time to replace the wood burner. Latest quotes (giving HETAS the benefit of the doubt again) all well over 1300 for half a days work, with all parts supplied. The install would...
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    Gas, have the rules changed?

    Electrics have recently been deregulated as to what work requires notification. I would never attempt gas work, as the margin for error is so much smaller, especially as we are on lpg which leaks more easily and pools from the ground up. Dangerous stuff. Rewired my entire house bar a...
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    Death House

    If it's any help, it's worth it when you get to,the end. Similar issues, house owned by two previous bodgers. Dodgy wiring, damp, no insulation, knackered and inefficient central heating... In a 4000 square foot property in which very room needed rewiring, replastering, re carpeting and...
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    HETAS Engineers a bunch of lying so and so's....

    Another year perfect running with no issues and DIY sweep which couldnt be easier.
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    Consumer unit location

    Don't bother. The regs as of 1 April allow circuit modifications sans notification I believe. Name and shame the communist council you are dealing with.
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    Mini crusher output good enough as MOT1?

    Awesome. Building sand do or best to use sharp sand? (Planning on using sharp)
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    Mini crusher output good enough as MOT1?

    update right, resurrecting an old thread of mine.... about to start paving works outside. i ended up using a lot of the hardcore around the garden to fill in some pretty whopping holes and to re-route a stream with. also came in useful for the french drains etc. Second idea. the eejits...
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    Dumping waste in the garden

    The chodder who lived at my smallholding prior to reposession did the same at ours. Big spoil tip of building materials.
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    Want a wood burner but high cost.

    My experience..... Did it myself in the end, for about 1/5 of the quoted price. And no scaffold. //
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    structual calculations

    You wouldn't struggle with FEA! Very little complex maths involved these days, just a few beam equations which we have a big book of. Simply plug the figures into the equation, check the model is valid and bobs your aunt, you got figures!
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    structual calculations

    Out of interest, what safety factors are applied to house building? In my spare time I am involved in Finite Element Analysis of Aircraft, where ultimate load is 1.5X max design and we have to do some pretty involved dynamic loading calculations as well. Where are the equivalent loads...
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    Planning permission tree survey get around?

    Thought so. Going to ring up to discuss, there are a few other genuine issues with the application block plan but I'm not paying 300 quid for Bellamy to find a bat nest that's going to get in the way of my fence line. Fence is over 1 metre on an A-road. Will be getting the sthil MS290...
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    Hanging a new door in an old frame

    Did our solid oak ones by routing them down to the correct width and height. Take your time and it will be fine! Practice cutting the hinges into an old 3 by 2 and practice till you get it right. Sharp chisel is the way forward!
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    Regularly go hunting for bunnies, wood pigeon and crow. All gets eaten bar the crow.
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    What way to do it?

    I would get 3 weeks off if you can, get all the boards up upstairs, and whilst the plumbs are at the central heating (if you aren't doing it yourself) get an electrical check done at the same time. I lifted a few boards at our place and the electrics nearly were quite literally shocking! (...
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    Planning permission tree survey get around?

    Hi all, Recently put in pp to erect a new boundary fence which is very slightly higher than the existing fence and about 5m longer. (Total panel fence will be around 50 metres). The council have come back and said I need to get a tree survey as there are a number of trees within 2metres...
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    Duplicate thread

    Duplicate thread
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    HETAS Engineers a bunch of lying so and so's....

    And as I have said, if that happens, I will rip out the flue and put the old register plate back in for use with the chimney. It doesn't need a flue to operate, although its much more efficient and easier to clean with one! Scaremongering!
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    Downlights in lounge? IP rating? Cost? Supplier?

    Our 12 down lighters are dual function. Area lighting (wide angle bulbs) and upstairs underfloor heating. Works a treat!