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    KIA rio crank position sensor

    Cost me £50 for part wasn't a KIA own part. Was a pattern part. I was thinking it could be a dodgy sensor but until I can me Mits on a reader don't know if it's same fault?
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    KIA rio crank position sensor

    Car died yesterday, plugged in a emc reader and got a orb code for crank sensor. Duly replaced fired up... Great. Drove home turned off needed to go out later and you guessed it , won't fire. The engine is turning over just not firing up, if I am lucky and persistent it will sometimes fire...
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    button on push button toilet sticking

    Swap it for a punumatic/air pressure type far better IMHO. The cable type kink and rust easily in the dampness.
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    What TRV is this?

    That's a Drayton lifestyle
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    Becoming gas safe

    I would stick with level 3 you will cover your basic ACS elements among other quals like unvented, water regs part L and such. At time I did my basic ACS I was offered extra units a discounted price. Level 3 should take no more 9 - 12 months to do. Well worth it.
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    new Baxi duotec2 pressure loss

    if there was leak on this boiler when isolated the water would be easy to see?? check the prv isnt chucking out water use a milk bottle or container to catch water over a period of time when heating is running. also just a thought and this is a huge maybe unlikely but have seen it done. is there...
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    error 34, vokera please help

    Sorry my bad unica is a bit of a give away derr as far as I can remember this is a fan fault code, fan assembly isn't cheap and does require a rgi as the fan is linked to gas valve and premix's with correct air to gas ratio. If you can't get a good independent engineer vokera do a fixed price...
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    new boiler

    If you have good mains and want mains pressure hot water could always go with system boiler and unvented cylinder?
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    no hot water

    This could be air in the flow and return from the cylinder?? More likely the return, this may have happened when system was drained to replace 3port valve.
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    no hot water

    Is the valve a three port mid-position valve giving control to hot water only heating only or both Or is it a standard 3port valve where it's heating and hot water or hot water. Usually these valves give priority to hot water then heating if installed wrong way it will give priority to...
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    Is Plumber at Fault?

    Tony is the law.... If fact he is the chosen one Jesus,alla,budda all rolled up into one brain mofo :lol: just kidding agile ... He is really a master debater :lol: Sorry agile only messing mush
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    The $64'000 dollar question

    Double half its length bob :lol:
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    Plumbing Career

    Didn't see that opps :oops: It must have got bumped lol Dingbat barkie
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    Plumbing Career

    recommend this book tells all you need to know about plumbing to level 2 standard. isbn 0-435-40194-7. a lot of the power points you will see will be directly out this book. technically you don't need any quals to be a plumber ie wet work, just like you don't need quals to be a chippie...
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    First radiator in loop on open vent system...

    I would be looking at system lay out. Check correctplacement of pump, feed and the vent. Also checking the vent for correct hight to allow the expanison and contraction the system water. Just a few things to check first. Solutions could be alterations to layout, auto air vents? Or even changing...
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    Compression fitting trouble and rad pipe a wee bit short

    you could PTFE the olive or a bit of boss white might sort ya little drip.
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    Halstead Ace High Boiler

    Cheers Picasso I shall now shut it. Haha just one thing i take with this model unlike others it still fires ok for hot water even with no or low pressure unlike some ie low press switch (just asking don't mean to hijack or be rude)
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    Halstead Ace High Boiler

    I don't know this model but some combi boilers can have a open vent heating system in which case you would not have a filling loop. Like I said I'm not 100% maybe gasman can shed a little light. Also the hot water works fine? Does the heating? Have you bleed all the rads and such?
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    Leaking Toilet :(

    Just buy a closed couple cistern kit this comes with doughnut, new plate and retaining screws with washers ect. When replacing it dry everything off and seal bottom of syphon to cistern and cistern to coupling plate. It's all very straight forward.