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    Fire door

    I am finalising a home extension from before the covid saga! and the building inspector wants me to uprate the garage door to a 30 min fire door, I've no problem with this as I wanted to make this door more secure anyway. My plan was to laminate steel to the door with 1.5mm - 2.00mm sheet...
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    Building Warrant Plans - Velux

    I've found it depends on your building inspector! old or new! You don't mention rafter dimensions.
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    What Have I Done To My Garage Roof!?

    A unique way of doing it! I would have lifted some buckets of water on the roof or a few bags of sand to weigh the boards down, anyway glad you got it sorted.
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    Roof out of level

    And treat yourself to a string line.
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    Debris left between slates and membrane

    Its meant to be clear to aid drainage. Dock them some money.
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    Site hangs asking for me to allow cookies

    I'm having the same problems! Very tiring.
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    Anyone know about calculating concrete.

    Some of the guys I've seen in the barrow mix gangs definitely have questionable sanity..
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    Does a 70 year old property need air vents in the roof?

    You know what they say! If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
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    Velux replace sash only possible?

    That's interesting! I've asked in the past if you can just get a sash on its own and they have said no! Your skylights are the latest generation so maybe that's why they are available. I think if I was upgrading I would go with the solar roller shutters, you can lie in bed and open them in the...
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    Velux replace sash only possible?

    Yes those are the ones. The flashing components are alloy and are about 1.5mm thick do allow noise to be heard inside under heavy rain and hail, especially if the skylight has been fitted poorly and no felt collars been used. I bought some sticky foam matt of flee bay a few months ago and...
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    Velux replace sash only possible?

    The roller shutters are not cheap, but will also help keep your room warmer in winter and cooler in the summer months.
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    Velux replace sash only possible?

    Its a different window as reflected in the price. What you can do to your own skylights is line the alloy trims & flashings with self adhesive foam to reduce the impact of hail and rain which comes on the noise reduction variant. Have you also considered fitting roller shutters?
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    Scottish roofing practice

    No problem with doing that! but the other side of that is it only has one nail! If its a new roof why should you be concerned with them falling off or needing replacing?
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    Velux replace sash only possible?

    No is the answer! The noise reduction 62 variant skylight is fitted differently.
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    Scottish roofing practice

    A nail in each hole.
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    Seal Garage roof joins?

    When you look at the end of the sheets are all the overlaps the same?
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    Ledger board and rafters

    Traditionally it would be birdmouth to sit on ledger plate.
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    How to fix tile batten next to Dormer cheek

    Maybe you could use something else instead of tiles, Lead?
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    After neighbour had new roof last year - Tiles falling off my roof in recent winds

    unfortunately I don't hold out much hope of him being able to rectify the problem if that's how he left it in the first place!