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  1. ericmark

    Light fitting

    We should use some thing like this there are other versions, or swap the connector strip for one with four terminals.
  2. ericmark

    Replace and moving a hardwire oven to a 13 amp plug Everhot

    You may be correct, but all we know is it is on a 30 amp fuse, a MCB would be 32 amp. The diagram shows a cooker switch, so seems likely it was an old cooker circuit, but we have both failed to point out it now will need RCD protection of some sort, could of course be a RCBO, or he could be...
  3. ericmark

    Replace and moving a hardwire oven to a 13 amp plug Everhot

    This is the basic of what is allowed, I would add to that a fuse produces heat, that's how it ruptures, so a plug with a fuse in it needs to be in free air or forced ventilated air, often a oven plugged into a socket behind it has a fan which means the air is forced ventilated when in use. A FCU...
  4. ericmark

    outside junction box for flat twin and earth

    Fill box with re-enterable compound?
  5. ericmark

    Temporary power

    The old idea of the active RCD/RCBO is it will trip before the voltage drops to a level where the electronics will not work, and I have seen it with generators where some under voltage cut out is required. I have also seen where the AVR only monitors one phase, so loading up the wrong phase can...
  6. ericmark

    Differential thermostats, to control a fan on the cheap?

    I think the @oldbutnotdead link seems reasonable, worth a try. The one @martygturner shows is like the ones I used for beer brewing, not a differential although all built in, not need to mount in a box, so may get one anyway as I have one of my beer ones running a freezer as it can work as a fridge.
  7. ericmark

    Differential thermostats, to control a fan on the cheap?

    I have found thermostats for £150 which will do the job, but if going to pay out that could get a air con.
  8. ericmark

    Replacing ESI ESRTP6C with Nest Thermostat (3rd Gen) - Dual Zone

    I have just read most of the thread, and the question in my mind is why? Nest is such a poor system to start with, it simply is not designed for use with linked TRV's, the geofencing is rotten, can't set distance, and when placed in learning mode it is like a mischievous little boy. My boiler...
  9. ericmark

    Fitting 3 garden lights

    Blagdon make pond stuff basic designed to get around Part P law still in force in Wales, which allows use of pre-assembled stuff. There are many more versions.
  10. ericmark

    Moped Driving

    When the capable of being propelled by pedals was dropped, the maximum power came in, I know there were some really powerful multi cylinder 50 cc motorcycles, but these were racing machines and not classed as mopeds, odd the motorway restriction was on cc, my friend was proud of being caught...
  11. ericmark

    No pre-heat on Hyundai diesel generator?

    It is down to compression ratio, to produce an engine with low noise it was common to use a low compression ratio, the diesel in Europe except for UK was cheaper than petrol, which resulted in a lot of inefficient car engines which also found themselves in other plant items, as the compression...
  12. ericmark

    Flickering light bulbs

    I think the label cheap is misleading, the two G9 lamps, the large one was the cheap lamp, which did not comply with the rules on showing the wattage and lumen output, the small one complied with EU law, but the small one flickered and the large one did not. Some lamps like the large one shown...
  13. ericmark

    Flickering light bulbs

    I had a problem in wife's bedroom, G9 bulbs, cured by changing bulbs. I opened one of the new bulbs, and the smoothing capacitor was nearly as big as the old bulb, but there was nothing on the spec to show how big the smoothing capacitor is. Also noted swapping one bulb in a chandelier with 5...
  14. ericmark

    Moped Driving

    Yes I use an e-bike, it is a little grey as to what is legal as it uses words like continual basis for power, and those made before a set date can have a throttle but little on bike to show build date, so you can get models which are over the 250 watt limit and have a throttle which still works...
  15. ericmark

    3 phase 3 pin to commando single phase

    No, you can only do it 5 pin to three pin, the plug you show has no neutral, also even with 5 pin have found it where still no neutral.
  16. ericmark

    12 v wall lights probem

    Since you have two lamps, you can test bulbs in the good lamp. But you do need some test equipment. But pictures are good, what does it say on the transformer?
  17. ericmark

    12 v wall lights probem

    The switch mode power supply often has a minimum output, so one lamp blowing can cause the power supply to close down, so you can test supply in to the power supply but not so easy to test supply out, also some dimmer switches also can auto disconnect if load too high, so best to replace with...
  18. ericmark

    Room Extractor Fans

    A fan can only work if there is a route for replacement air, and clearly you want dry air, so better if that air comes from outside, so best option is the heat recovery unit that way it does not cool the home as much and the replacement air is from outside where in the main it is cooler so the...
  19. ericmark

    2 way lighting

    Also the school boy method you show is unusual in homes, this is the more normal method as you don't end up with connector blocks in the switch back box, however what seems unusual is only three wires to each switch so more likely as second diagram with a joint in the ceiling rose, although I...
  20. ericmark

    Dimmer switch and LED bulb

    The tungsten bulb sent out mainly a radial light, and bounced light off the ceiling, where the LED sends all light away from the base, the defuser helps send it radially, but most is away from the base, the change in pattern does change with the filament LED bulb but these have no defuser so...