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    Help with toilet continually filling

    Wow thank you so much everyone! :D
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    Help with toilet continually filling

    Hi I wonder if anyone can advise me please? I have a compact downstairs toilet that I've had to turn off the water to as it started filling continually. Having a read around I think this means the fill valve is damaged so I had a look at how to replace it myself (no pennies for a plumber at the...
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    Christmas fun and games!

    lol yes I told him that, his excuse is he'll be too busy making a fuss of me on Sunday (yeah right! :lol: ) cos it's my birthday.
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    Christmas fun and games!

    I've now lost my hubby to the game behind window 17 of the advent calendar lol! :roll:
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    Oh its not just jigsaws, its games and many other types of toys too! Whenever I clear out the kids playroom or help pre-school (where I work) have a sort out I end up with a whole big box of random bits that are neither the bits missing from anything else or have ever been seen before! :lol:
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    But wasn't last winter the coldest one on record for ages? Then we had a drought due to lack of rainfall so at least we've got rain this year!
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    Flame warriors, the types of people on chat forums!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    Ive been Poisoned this week ....:(

    OMG hunny, you poor thing!!!! I've had food poisoning once and remember honestly thinking I was gonna die, its horrid!! You take care and feel better soon (then spoil the wife rotten for being so fab!) x
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    Christmas fun and games!

    To get us all in to the festive spirit! :D Firstly find your elf name...... ..then work your way through an advent calendar.... ....splat some penguins... ...and finally go and play in santas village! Hope you all enjoy!! :D P.S. Here's my elf name :lol...
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    Are you a nurse?

    Aww thank you! Hope your dad and JohnD's mum are both OK too x
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    Are you a nurse?

    Its awful, wonder how many other elderly people feel the same? We've applied to the council for a swap to try and get my Grandparents moved up here so we can help more (my parents, Mum's sister, me and hubby and my sister all live within a half hour drive of each other) and you can probably...
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    Are you a nurse?

    Yes I'm female but it wouldn't have made any difference if I'd been able to get down there! Grandad wouldn't have visitors other than Nan and my Mum (got upset when Dad turned up and made him wait outside :( ) so I only got it all second hand from my Nan when she got back everyday and phoned me...
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    veggies not included.

    Me too but I don't think anyone who buys meat from a supermarket can be really be anti-cruelty (I assume you don't btw?) as you have no idea about where its actaully from or the kind of life the animal had.
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    I know alot of women that are and it bugs me too - I for one never ask a question I don't actually want the answer to so 'all' is a bit harsh! :?
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    Are you a nurse?

    That's awful and sadly I have a similar story to tell. My Grandad is coming up 75 and is not very well - he has diabetes that they're struggling to control, gets the shakes very badly and has mobility problems (needs a walking frame to get about). Anyway he had a bad fall at the end of last year...
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    People who use multiple login names?

    I've seen it on another site, a couple of times its people trying to be funny (they usually admit being an AE at some point though), a few banned people registering and sometimes a person you suspect of being a couple of sandwiches short of a picnic! The first one doesn't really bother me, the...
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    Burnt Rice...IT STINKS

    Well I dropped a piece of dry pasta onto the hob the other day and that stank too - urgh!!
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    Electrician wired bath to kill himself

    *feels sad and a bit sick*
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    Putting neat TCP on mouth ulcers.
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    Thick sparky

    Tbh = to be honest IYKWIM = if you know what I mean