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    Borrowed Neutrals

    CAlling all experienced sparks........ #is there any reliable test one can carry out at the Consumer Unit to check for borrowed neutral especially in a lighting circuit? I am tired of finding the problem in old 50's house once I have stuck a dual rcd board in !! lol Thanks!!
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    If extractor fan externally switched do you need isolator

    You will need a triple pole fan isolator installed for maintenance reason although most people don't seem bothered.
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    Isolator Switch Installation - Who should I contact & co

    Hello mate, If you get a sparky to install the dp isolator, he'll more than likely cut the seal off the main fuse. I am not sure about NEEB but here, central networks are putting their foot downa and charging £2000 payable before the power supply is put back in. If you supplier is BG, then...
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    Terminal block on electric cooker went bang & wiring mel

    Hello mate, Possibly that the cable running to the cooker are too small. Do you know whether they are 4mm or 6mm or did you connect it to a plug top or a spur? maybe you do need a spark to have a quick look. What is the rating of the cooker?