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    Led lighting

    Time delay relay... You after a floor like Michael Jackson?
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    One halogen bulb in each room not working.

    Blown lamp, defective transformer, defective lamp holder...just coincidence that it's happened in all rooms.. My opinion anyway.. Or lazy spark hasn't connected them..
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    HELP!!! Electrical Advice Needed Please

    Having the isolator and a socket installed directly above the hob will more than likely cause problems and should be moved. Are you aware if your socket circuit within the kitchen is protected by an RCD? As for connections/joints, they should be made available for inspection, so ideally...
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    can I run sockets off unused 6mm Shower cable?

    What are you planning to spur off from this 6mm cable?
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    Portacabins and Earthing

    Adam it is a sheathed PVC coming into the cutout with no separate earth, however you never what the LSA have done elsewhere... It's my own fault for writing "presumed" So that in mind, let's take for granted that the system is a TNCS. My preference would be to ditch the exported earth...
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    Portacabins and Earthing

    So you've got TNCS and TNS earthing arrangements and you wouldn't be able to design an installation based on them two scenarios, not even erring on the side of caution. So "erring on the side caution" I've presumed that the earthing arrangement is TNCS because this woud be worse case for the...
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    Portacabins and Earthing

    Grow up... I asked a question based on the situation being a TNCS setup...if you didn't want to answer then keep your nose out... Anyway thanks ricicle for you confirming what I wanted to know..
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    Portacabins and Earthing

    I had a little nap and it all came rushing back in a dream..
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    Portacabins and Earthing

    Ok it's TNCS
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    Portacabins and Earthing

    Sealed unit and I haven't enquired.
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    Portacabins and Earthing

    Evening all, looking for a reasurance hug really.. Carried out an inspection on a commercial installation having two metal containers with a 4.0mm SWA supply. The installation within thses cabins was poor and needs to be redone or disconnected completely. I'm presuming that the sytem...
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    Minor works testing

    I with you on this one.....
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    Help guys, need a good electric heater solution for a office

    It sounds like your quite nesh...I have the same heater in my daughters room as her room has to be kept at a certain temperature and I've never had any concerns. Have you tried the standard wall/floor convector heater? There are always halogen / infrared heaters but these are more a direct...
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    I know I should know this but can some one clarify for me...

    I maybe missing something, I know your fitting a PIR but what type?
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    Has Part P gone too far?

    I think its meant to be £600 test and board change...
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    what standard

    Its a sad fact that there are electricians out there who are unaware of changes in the regulations, they may know its changed to the 17th edition but dont know what has actually changed in it. Could you not call this electrician back?
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    Has Part P gone too far?

    I find this post quite disturbing, you say on one hand that you want your kids to be safe but then on the other hand you dont want to pay for there safety... You say that the electricians that are quoting for these works are "more than my jobs worth" but would you put your neck on the line...
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    Guess the Fault Time!!!!

    You had a twitch and you kept missing with the leads... At a guess a water leak somewhere or a rodent chewing through the cable as you were testing...
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    Advice on joining cable again!

    I would install a fused connection unit outside the bathroom area with the wiring from your existing shower (presuming 6.0mm twin & earth cable) and then wire your shaverpoint from that in your 2.5mm T&E Pretty sure someone will explain the part p requirements with works being carried out...
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    Silly little noob question - bending T&E...

    Damn....When did that change.....No-one tells me anything anymore.